Product Variants feature allows your business to configure the products in different variants, i.e. size, color, material, style. 

If your product has options, like size or color, then you can add a variant for each combination of options. Sizes and color can be selected from the list and with a click of button all variants can be created. The platform provides capability to easily configure the unlimited product options as per business demands.

For better understanding of how variants work in the platform, kindly refer to the example below.

We have a product Summer Shirt which comes in 2 colors and 2 sizes, Red, Green, M and L. The variants that can be created for product Summer Shirt (which is the Parent Product) are:

T-shirt-RED-M – child products

T-shirt -RED-L – child products

T-shirt -GREEN-M – child products

T-shirt -GREEN-L – child products

The platform provides capability to manage common product information at the product code level and customize the variant specific information at the variant level. Variants are created as child products under the main product and each variant has its own unique stockcode and barcode. 

Information GroupProduct LevelVariant Inherits from ProductCan customize at Variant level
Description / CopyYesYesYes
Images & VideosYesYesYes
Related ProductsYesYesNo
Custom AttributesYesYesNo
Product CollectionsYesYesYes
SEO InfoYesYesYes
Publish StatusYesYesYes
Preorder / Notify MeYesYesYes

Variant Configuration

In general, the variant display configuration is only allowed at the overall store level, however the platform provides ability to control the display configuration of the variant at the product level as well.

  • List Type: This can be setup as Rollup or Expanded.
    • Expanded: If this setup is selected then on the Product List Page ( PLP ) all variants will be displayed as individual products.
    • Roll up: If this setup is selected then only one product is displayed on the PLP page and then upon opening the PDP (Product Detail Page) variant options are displayed.
  • Variant Display Attributes: Depending on the attributes, user can decide on how these attributes are displayed on the PDP (product detail page)
    • Horizontal List: This will display the attribute values in a horizontal list
    • Dropdown: This will display the attribute value in a dropdown.