Product bundle is a powerful and effective way to upsell / cross sell products. It allows you to create combination of individual goods or services that are sold to consumers as one combined package. Product bundles are generally made up of complementary items or similar items. Business can present predefined bundle to the customers or can allow them to select multiple components to customize their own bundle. 

How to set up a bundle?

  • Create a new product and under item type select “Bundle” from the dropdown options.
  • As soon as bundle is selected, system will show “bundle configuration” options to the user.
  • Bundle configuration in PIM. There are two types of bundle type- BOM or Complementary

Bill of Material  (BOM)

It is the list of the items (raw material, components) that are required to build a product or service. While setting up this type of bundle, the user needs to identify the different components which make one single product. Products can be added by clicking on the “Add product button”. You can select the products and their respective quantity to add to the bundle.

For example: Bicycle will have different components like, handle, tyres, wheels etc.

Complementary Bundles 

This type of bundle involves offering two or more products or services as a package deal for a specific price (can be discounted price as well).While setting up such bundle user needs to identify the products which complement each other and then create the bundles. Products can be added by clicking on the “Add product button”. User will get the category tree to select the products from the specific category.

Example: Computer can have printer as a complementary product and both can be sold as a bundle.


Bundle Configuration

You can configure the bundle settings as needed and these are used how the bundle is displayed on the website and how is the pricing determined for the bundle. 


  • Sell Independently: This flag ensures that all the products in the bundle can be sold as individual products as well. End user will see those products on the website as well.
  • Show only when all components in stock: This flag ensures that bundle product is only visible when all the component products are in stock. If any item from the bundle goes out of the stock the whole bundle product will be removed from the website.
  • Display type: This ensures how the products will be displayed in your basket
    • Grouped: The bundle is displayed as one single product on the website.
    • Separate: The products in bundle are displayed separately on the website.
  • Pricing: This derives the pricing of the bundle 
    • Sum of all Items: This ensures that price of the bundle is the sum of all the components/products included in that bundle.
    • Original Price: This will give user an option to put a desired price for the bundle product.


Inventory for bundles is one of the most important factor as the stock availability of the whole bundle is dependent upon the stock position of all of its components in the proportion defined. The platform calculates the inventory for the bundles at the runtime based on the stock position of the component products automatically.