The platform provides out-of-the-box Content Management System (CMS) to help you manage the site content in an effective manner. Using the below listed capabilities you can create a page easily.

The CMS provides the following capabilities:

  • Predefined templates: There are pre-defined site templates that can be used if you select the Native front end approach. If you decide to take the independent front end approach, we provide a white labelled site that can be extended / customized 100% as per your requirements.
  • Multi-site support: The platform provides the ability to use the single instance across multiple domains and ability to configure the content for each domain based on the requirements. 
  • Easily editable content: Once content is separated from the visual presentation of a site, it usually becomes much easier and quicker to edit and manipulate. The in-built CMS comes with lots of commonly used widgets that can be used. All the content / widgets built in the CMS are exposed by the API to whichever front end you are using, which means that regardless of from where the user connects with your business, they get the same promotional banner on the home page.  
  • Reusable Widgets: The in-built set of ever expanding UI widgets make it easy to build site pages. The widgets provided as of now are :
    • Content Staging: The platform provides a means of allowing each user to work within a staging copy of the entire web site content. This enables changes to multiple interdependent resources to be viewed and/or executed in-context prior to being pushed live.
    • Multilingual: Ability to display content in multiple languages.
    • Multi-channel support: The platform provides the capability to select the channels where the specific content is published.