The product can either be added from the admin portal or imported via bulk upload using an excel sheet. In this section of the document, we will see how a new product can be added to the platform.


  1. Go to the Product > Add 
  2. A product can be added by filling few mandatory fields.
    • Product Name: Value entered in this field will be displayed as the name of the product on the website.
    • Stock Code: This is a Unique identifier assigned to every product created in PIM.
    • Product Type: You can create different types of products; value needs to be selected from the dropdown. Read more about different product types
      • Product: Selecting this ensures the product is set up as a standard product purchasable on the website at a certain price.
      • Service: These types of products can be set up with a price and can be sold with a product, like warranty or product Insurance.
      • Gift Card: You can create a gift card type product and assign a certain amount of value to the gift card. Once purchased, pre-loaded funds on the gift card can be used in making purchases on the website.
      • Bundle: In this type of product you can group several products together and sold them as a single unit for one price. The platform mainly supports two types of Bundles:
        • BOM–Bill of Material
        • Complementary
      • Add-On: These types of products are mainly sold with one main product. They can be used for upselling or to offer an additional service to the customers with the purchase of the main product.
      • Gift Box: This type of product is set up with a minimum cost to put the order items in a packing box. If the user wants to pack the items in a gift box, can add this product.
      • Gift Box Line: This is used to pack one item out of multiple items for which the order is placed.
    • Brand: A brand needs to be selected from the dropdown and the product will get associated with that brand. Brands names are imported into the platform during data migration. On the website – the product will be displayed under the selected brand.
    • Category: You will see the complete tree of categories and sub-categories imported in the platform in this dropdown and a product can be associated with a category by selecting the value from this dropdown.
    • Attributes: This field takes an attribute set that has all the custom attributes grouped together like size, color, etc.
    • Sell price and Tax class: These values must be provided at the time of product creation as without the Sell Price the product cannot be published online. 
    • Inventory & Fulfilment: In this section, current stock can be defined and it is specified whether the product will be fulfilled by stock i.e. your warehouse,  from your physical store, drop-ship supplier or can be fulfilled from anywhere. 
    • Variations: If multiple options(size, color) are available for this product, those options can be selected from this section.
  3. After providing all required info click on submit
  4. The product is saved in Draft status. 
  5. You can preview your product and further updates can be done from the edit product page.