Notify Me setting can be enabled at the store level and at specific product level also. If enabled, it shows a 'notify me' button instead of 'Add to Bag' when product runs out of stock. You can configure whether you want to display the out-of-stock product on the PLP or not. If the out-of-stock product is displayed on the PLP, then instead of “add to cart” button user will see a “notify me” option.

This setup will also have an impact on the PDP page as same “notify me” button is displayed on the PDP as well. User will not be able to add this product into the basket but can surely setup an alert for a specific color and size and get notified via email. 


Is the PDP page still accessible?

Yes, the PDP will remain accessible and customers will still be able to see the products details like images, videos and descriptions but customer will not be able to purchase the product as “notify me” button will be displayed instead of “add to basket” button. 

Can I enable ‘notify me’ for a specific product when its out of stock and how?

As a business, you may decide you don't want the global 'notify me' to be enabled and you want to enable it selectively only. In that case, the platform provides the flexibility to configure that “notify me” at product level. You can go into the variant and enable the specific variant for the same.