The platform provides the capability to maintain a hierarchy of brands and sub-brands and their specific details. Brands can be imported from the external sources in excel format as part of the New Product Import Process and enriched within the platform. Brands and sub-brands can also be configured for specific sites / domains as needed.

You can click on a brand name in the list to view and configure the generic and localized brand content.  To see all the products listed under a brand, you can click on view products button on the brand list page. From the pop-up product list, drill down on a specific product to view and configure.  If there are more than 10 products, the products should be accessed via the PIM > View

From a specific brand page, use the right hand navigation bar, to drill down on the sub-brand(s) of the brand, these appear as a sub-brand list. Drilling down on the sub-brand name, will reveal a sub-brand page; the fields available to configure for the sub-brand, are the same as for a brand.

How can I add a brand?

Brand can either be added from the brand listing page or can be imported along with main product file that has brand and category data along with.

Additional Brand Information

Once a brand is created, you can then edit lot of additional properties and enrich the brand information on the website. The following sub-sections:

  1. Information: Enter name and logo image of the brand in the section. 
  2. Description: A short paragraph about the brand.
  3. Image & Video: Banner images and a video about the brand can be uploaded here, which will then display on the landing page. 
  4. Sub-brands: list of all the sub-brands within the brand.
  5. Widgets: Allows you to manage the widgets (product collection bound widgets) on the brand landing pages
  6. Configurations: Allows you to manage the overall configuration for the brand's landing page.