Attributes are information that define the characteristics or properties of an item. We use attributes within the platform to define the granular details of a product.  

These fields are not included in the default product creation form as they are unique for every business, category and product. Hence the idea of giving the power in the user's hand - your hand to define the custom attributes for the product as needed. You can define unlimited attributes, group them into attribute sets and assign the attribute set to the specific category based on which the product form allows you capture the additional information about the product. 

To create a new custom attribute, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Products > Custom Attributes 
  2. Click on New Attribute
  3. Select Attribute Type 
  4. Populate the required fields for the attribute

    Attribute CodeThis code is used to identify the attribute on code level. The field doesn’t allow space and any other special character other than a dot (.)
    Attribute NameThis attribute name is displayed on the Product creation form and the same field can be displayed on the website.
    Attribute TypeThere are different input types that can be selected
    • Text field: This will allow the user to add simple text as the value of the field created.
    • Dropdown: User can create a list of values and one of these values can be selected from the dropdown as the value of the field created.
    • Text Area: This is same as text field but with a higher character length allowed.
    • Date: This is a simple date picker, and any date can be selected as a value of the field created.
    • Yes / No: This input type accepts the value as True or False.
    • Multi select: User can create list of values and multiple values can be selected from the list while creating a product against the attribute field created. You can provide the options from which the user can select.
    • Color Picker: This is a global color picker, and it gives user an option to assign any color to the product.    
    Is Required
    Is the value mandatory to be filled for the product to be saved.
    Use for VariantShould the custom attribute be used as one of the variant field - for e.g. color, size.
    Display in Product DetailShould the field value be displayed on product detail screen.
    Display in Product ListShould the field value be displayed on product list screen.
    Display in BasketShould the field value be displayed on Basket screen when the item is added to the bag
    Use in Facet SearchShould the field be displayed in facets on search result page