The system primarily supports two type of pricing Simple & Advanced. Based on the business need, preferred pricing module can be enabled at the time of onboarding process.

Simple pricing : This is a simple pricing information kept at product level.

Advanced pricing: You can use the 'advanced pricing' when you get outsource the product manufacturing or manufacture it yourself and want to have complete visibility of cost throughout the process.

This section takes input from you to set the price of your base product, not considering sales or any kind of discounts

Cost Price (ex. Factory)
This is the product price for which the product was manufactured at the factory – Supplier can be in any country and price entered in this field is in the local currency of the supplier
Exchange Rate
This is the exchange rate - from local currency to the base currency setup for your store.
Cost Price
This is cost price in base currency, auto calculated after putting the exchange rate.
Freight, Duties, and Insurance
Standard freight, duty and insurance costs input manually
Quality, Defects
These are QC related, defects related cost which needs to be manually filled
Additional Costs
These include transportation costs, Labelling and weaving costs
Landing Cost
This is the final cost price of a product inclusive all overhead expenses and is calculated based on the pre-defined formula that you can define at the time of store setup. 
List Price (MRP / RRP)
This is recommended retail price, may / may not be higher than the sell price
Sell price (inc. vat)This is the price at which a product is sold to the customer.