Color is one of the most important attribute of any product especially in Lifestyle, Fashion, Accessories industry. As simple as it may sound, it becomes a bit complex to manage so many variations of a particular color. When the product information involves color as an important aspect, the main challenges that you would face are:

  1. Accurate Color: You would want the color swatch on the product detail page to show the exact color code. Its extremely important to have the exact color shade in the swatch to boost the customer confidence and also reduce returns with accurate information.
  2. Unlimited color shades / variants: Maintaining the unlimited shades of so many colors becomes a daunting task from two aspects - maintaining the data in the backend and then subsequently also most importantly displaying only limited set of colors in search facets when user are searching for products.  You don't want to be displaying all unlimited shades - that's just very bad user experience. 

The platform provides a simple way of addressing both challenges by providing the capability to manage color groups out of the box. The user can create primary color groups and then associate all the relevant shades within the primary color group. 

Creating new color group

  • Go to Settings > Color Group
  • Click on New Color Group button on the upper right corner.
  • Give the color name and pick a color from the color picker.
  • Now, you can go to the primary color and add as many secondary colors as required.

    There is a validation of duplicate Color code & name, hence system won’t allow duplicates.

Pattern Swatches

A pattern swatch is a feature that let you choose between all the available printed patterns of the same product on the same page without any extra navigation or page reload. This implementation will help business user to setup pattern swatches for their product types.

For creating a pattern swatch, the user needs to follow the same process,i.e. Click on 'New Color group' select the 'Primary color and add the patterns in the secondary colors by providing the image URL or color hexcode.

There is a validation of duplicate Color code & name, hence system won’t allow duplicates.


To edit the 'color group details', user can select the saved color pattern group, e.g., PRINTED and update the secondary color details by adding or removing the color pattern.