Digital Assets (images, videos, pdf, brochures, etc) - any document / collateral which basically helps you spread awareness about your product and helps you sell the products. 

One of the most important element of digital assets - Rich Media (images & videos) is the lifeline for any ecommerce business - they help the customer get a visual of the product and build confidence to buy the product. In general, a single product could potentially have 5-10 different images - which means, if you have about 1000 live products, you would have approximately 10,000 images. The repository tends to grow very rapidly especially if you're in a fast moving business - where products are seasonal. 

Not just products, the images are critical element of the whole marketing element as well - home page banners, creative banners, promotional banners, look-books and so on and so forth.

In a nutshell, rich media (images & videos) is critical success factor in your trading business and you can't afford to do it wrong. 

For videos - its still much easier since you can upload your videos on youtube, vimeo or other channels to capitalize on multi-channel element besides presenting those videos on your website as well. 

For images - it gets a bit tricky, because you're going to upload the images in your site itself - could be a CMS or your ecommerce platform - whatever the repository - its important to ensure the following:

  1. Easy to upload - ability to upload multiple images in one shot by selecting from folder or simply drag & drop. 
  2. Central repository - stored securely in a central repository.
  3. Organized - users are able to organize the images in folder for the ease of managing.
  4. Delivery - they can be delivered via CDN and are optimized for the device from where they are being called - for example - if called from mobile, then the images are optimized for mobile in terms of the size, ratio aspect and quality as well. 

Now that we've covered the basics of rich media management, next topic we shall cover how we do all of this in the platform