In continuation of the previous article Importance of Digital Asset Management, this article focuses on the 'image management' aspect and provides guidance on best practices of image management, what capabilities are offered out of the box.

The BetterCommerce platform offers Media Library which allows users to:

  1. Easily upload unlimited images
  2. Store the images securely & centrally
  3. Helps them organize the images in logical folders
  4. Delivers the images across devices in most optimized way

Lets get some of the basics out of the way first:

  1. What are the supported image formats ?
    • JPG or JPEG
    • PNG
    • WebP
    • GIF
  2. Can I upload multiple images in one go - Yes, you can very much upload upto 50 images in one go by simple drag / drop or by selecting from a folder. 
  3. Where are these images stored ? All the images are stored in a secured repository within Microsoft Azure
  4. How are the images delivered ? The images are delivered through a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which basically optimizes the latency for customers requesting the images and delivers from the closest geo-region supported by the CDN.
  5. From where can I upload the images ? The images can be uploaded from the Media Library or if the images specific to a content - Product, Brand, Category - then these can be uploaded within the specific content (details below).
  6. Do I need to upload multiple resolution images which are specifically optimized for web, mobile, tablets ? No, you dont need to do that. You just need to upload one high-resolution image and the platform will automatically resize / optimize for different devices & resolutions.  

Best Practice 

  1. What is the ideal resolution of the images that we should upload ? It depends.  2 examples below
    • Hero Banner images like below:
      • The ideal resolution would be 1902x900 px. Having said that, you can always upload slightly smaller or bigger images with the right kind of aspect ratio to fit the hero banner section on the website. 
      • The ideal size of the uploaded image should not exceed more than 1.5 MB. 
    • For product images a product image - that will be something like this
      • The ideal resolution would be 1024x1320 px. Having said that, you can always upload images in different resolution as long as the aspect ratio is maintained and the image holder on the website are adapted using CSS (style sheets) for the resolution. 
      • The ideal size of the uploaded image should not exceed more than 1.5 MB
  2. Be mindful: that the users wont be getting same resolution or same size of image when they access the site - they will be getting a more optimized version of the image depending upon the device they are accessing the website from more details on this in the next article.