A brand landing page is a page within the website dedicated to a specific brand and the page can be merchandised / styled using the brand's specific color style, logos, images and other assets. The platform allows you to manage the brand landing pages from the backend and enrich them to suit your and the brand specific needs.

Steps to configure brand landing page

  1. Go to Products > Brands
  2. Select the brand for which you want to set the landing page. 
  3. You can then update the landing page configuration and update the widgets as needed.


There are several configurations available on the brand landing page.


Show landing page

Enable this flag to display the landing page for a particular brand.
Standard Landing page
Using this option you can choose the layout for the brand page from the already defined templates
Custom Landing page
Using this option you can map a custom page created using page builder to display as a landing page for a particular brand.


Widgets are small UI components that allow you to display different product collections on the brand's landing pages. The platform provides different kind of widgets which can be associated with any product collection you may have defined within the system.  You can display some collections such as bestseller or newly released products using this section or you can display a video for the brand, you can also drag & drop the widgets display order and control how widgets are shown on the brand landing pages. This way you can make every brand's page quite unique rather than having a standard template for all the brand pages. 

Widget TypeDescription
VideoYou can provide youtube video id, which is then used to render the specific video in the brand's landing page. 
Product CollectionYou can select the product collection which will return the specific products within the collection.