When an extract of Voucher/Promotional Codes are needed for the use of Coupons or in Email Marketing Campaigns, the Generate Vouchers function is used.  The system generates the volume of non-sequential vouchers needed; the voucher code is unique to each voucher and will allow the customer to obtain the promotion configured in system from which is was generated.

This is a very powerful tool and enables promotional vouchers to be generated for many type of online campaigns.  In addition, with alignment with POS/ERP, they can also be used through off-line channels.

Depending on configuration, these vouchers can be used by only a customer with the corresponding matching email address, by any customer, only once or multiple times.

You can then see the voucher batches and see how many vouchers / coupons were generated when. You can also export the voucher batches and send across to marketing partners for further distribution. 

You can also click on a specific voucher batch and see the status of all the vouchers within that specific batch, if they have been claimed or not. If needed, you can cancel some specific voucher codes as well.