This is the central repository for maintaining all your digital assets / rich media content such as images, audio, video and other artifacts that can be loaded to the Media Library. The library provides you the ability to upload, catalogue and assign rich media content to be used across the sites. 

Image auto resizing enables a single high resolution image to be converted into any specific size required by the platform and used in responsive design sites to support desktop, tablet and mobile as a single site design. The platform uses various techniques for image optimization to strike a good balance between the image quality and the speed of the website. 


The digital assets are uploaded, filed and navigated using a folder and file tree and a panel of controls.  The controls allow users with the following editing capabilities over the assets that have been created for use on the site.


The arrow controls enable the administrator to navigate the file structure e.g. the Up Arrow refers to up a level.

Reload folder and navigate to Home. 
Upload Files from desktop or another network directory.
Icon View, when selected this changes to list view, sort by name, size, file type and date.
 New folder, create new text file (where a text message will be used instead of an image) and open when a file is selected. Text files can be created directly within the media library and do not need a file to be created for uploading.
Get file information., preview to check the right file is selected and download the file.
 Copy, cut, paste and delete
Duplicate (create a copy of the file), rename, edit a file (this only works on text files) and resize and rotate