FAQs (frequently asked questions) are quite important for any online business to provide self-serve capability to customers to some extent and also boost the customers confidence by providing the answers to questions that the shoppers may have in their mind. 

The platform allows easy creation and publishing of frequently asked questions along with their respective answers under specific categories - for eg. General Information, Delivery, Return, Payment, Gift Options. The relevant FAQs can then be displayed on the specific sections of the website and can also be displayed together on a single page as well. You can create custom categories as well or simply create the questions under the pre-defined standard categories. 

Steps to add FAQ

  1. Go to Storefront > FAQ
  2. Click Add Category
  3. Click Add FAQ
  4. Fill out the basic information. For details refer to the table below:

Basic Information
TitleTitle  of the FAQs
CategoryCategory of the FAQs
Sort OrderDisplay orders of the FAQs on the site
Is ActivePublished on site, is controlled with this flag
Localize ContentAllows you to translate your FAQs in different languages if enabled on the store.
QuestionQuestion in specific language
AnswerAnswer goes here in specific language

Note If there is no FAQ defined in a specific category, then it will not show the category on the site as well.

A sample of how the FAQs can be displayed on the website