In continuation of Create Promotion article, this article shows the specific details for Value Discount Promotion

As the name suggests, this special promo type can be set up in a way to provide 50 % off on Y product on purchase of X. To set this promotion you need to define in what order qty type the discount will be applied. 

  1. Both: This means it doesn't matter how many items are there in the basket for the promo to be applicable.
  2. Even: This means promo gets applicable only if the basket has an even quantity like 2,4,6 and so on.
  3. Odd: Contrary to Even, this promo gets applicable only if the basket has an odd quantity like 3,5,7 and so on. 

Moving forward you also need to save items in the Included and discounted dataset. Included Dataset, Products from Included items when added to bag customer will get item from Discounted Dataset, as shown below.