You can follow the blow steps to create the promotion

  1. Go to Merchandising > Promotions
  2. From the Promotions list click on New Promotion
  3. Select promotion type

    Promotion TypeDescription
    Value DiscountSimple promotion offering % or a fixed ££s discount 
    Buy 1 Get 1 FreeBOGOF promotion
    Buy X cheapest freeBuy x number of units and get the cheapest one free
    X For y Fixed priceX number of products for a fixed price. i.e. 2 products for a fixed price.
    Spend more than ££s get 1 X Freespend more than ££s get X units free
    But X Get 50 Percent Off on YBuy x units get % off 
    Category WiseUse one promotion to offer different % or ££s category wise. for eg, 1 promo code, user gets 10% discount on T-shirts, but 20% discount on jeans.
    TieredGet 10% off when you spend £100, get 20% off when you spend £200, get 30% off when you spend £300
    Shipping promoShipping promotion - free shipping over a threshold, etc. 
    Service ChargeReverse promotion to charge for a specific service offered for specific products or order types
    Subscription SignupPromotion to offer free signup for new subscribers for subscription orders.
    Subscription GWPPromotion to offer any month / year free during the subscription

  4. Fill out the required details as given and click on Save.

Promotion Info Sections 

The platform provides different sections to manage the promotion information 

Basic Information:  

This section includes the basic information about the promotion, see field description for more details.

Display NameTextYesThe Promotion Name should be carefully considered, so it is clear for what the promotion is being used and the benefits that it will bring i.e. October Happy Hour 20% off Everything 7–9 pm tonight.
Coupon CodeStringYesThe promotion code itself, is the code customers will enter, to obtain the promotion, if the Auto-Apply function is not being used. So it is a good idea to make the code short and easy to remember i.e. HSBC10 for HSBC 10 % campaign.
Applied AtOptionsYesApplied at Header or Line level.

Order Level - Any Promotion where the offer applies to the Order and not to a specific Product Line e.g. £10 Off, where there are no qualifiers against a product.

Line Level - The Promotion would be at Product Line Level, if tied to a Product or Products e.g. £10 Off Joop WOW Eau de Toilette 100ml, another example of a Product Line Promotion would be a BOGOF.

Use with other code OptionsYesBetterCommerce runs promotions through a traffic light system, Red promotions CANNOT be used in conjunction with other promotions. The system will not allow the redemption of two red promotions at the same time. If a customer manually adds a Red promotion to the Basket an Auto Apply Red promotion will not be added by the system.
Amber promotions cannot be used in conjunction with other Amber promotions, however a Green promotion, if Active and meeting all the qualifiers, may be applied at the same time.
Green promotion may be used in conjunction with other Green promotions, if they are both Active at the same time and both meet all the qualifiers.  A Green promotion may also be used in conjunction with an Amber promotion.
Promotion GroupListNoSelecting a group can be important for reporting which gives us an overview of which group is working well.
Auto Apply
BooleanNoIf checked, the promotions automatically gets applied when the basket qualifies for it without having the customers to apply a promo code.
Badge Display

NoOn product listing and detail page you can configure a badge display with custom text that this product has an ongoing discount. 
Allow Anonymous Users
BooleanNoPromo code allowed for all users, logged in or guest user
Exclude Markdown Products (where list price > sell price)

NoIf true, this promo excludes the products which are already marked down. i.e List Price > Sell Price.

Discount Detail 

This section is specific to the promotion type selected:

  1. Value Discount
  2. Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  3. Buy X cheapest free
  4. X For y Fixed price
  5. Spend more than ££s get 1 X Free
  6. But X Get 50 % off on Y
  7. Category Wise
  8. Tiered
  9. Shipping promo
  10. Service Charge
  11. Subscription Signup
  12. Subscription GWP

Data Set

Promotion data set is the items on which the specific promotion can be applied. The platform provides capability to include / exclude products based on Products (ProductCode or StockCode level), Brands, Sub Brands, Categories and Item Groups. You can upload stock codes (specific variants), product codes in bulk to make it easier for yourself.

Exclude data set is typically useful when you want to run a site-wide promotion but exclude specific products. 

Include data set is typically useful when you want to run promotion on selected products only.  

Qualification Criteria

You can also configure the qualification criteria based on the order value or volume 


ActiveBooleanYesTrue/False value whether a promo code is valid at the time of use.
One Time Only
BooleanNoIf set then the promo code can only be used once by any one of the user
One Time For All
BooleanNoIf set then the promo code can be used once but everyone can use it only once.
Select Date Range
DateYesDate range till the promo is valid
Is Taxable
Boolean NoIf TRUE then discount would be included in tax calculation
Price Includes tax
Boolean NoIf TRUE which means discounted amount already includes tax.set then discount would be include in tax calculation
OptionYesDifferent mode of channels can be selected for a promo code example App, Web, Store, Phone

Included Customers

StringNoList of customers eligible to use promo code are added here
Excluded Customers
StingNoList of customers non-eligible to use promo code are added here