The platform supports the following product types

Standard product is any physical item that can be purchased for a fixed value and can be shipped. Normally, these items would be setup with Track Inventory. 
These types of products can be setup in the system with a price and can be sold with a product, like warranty or product Insurance. In general, these products would not have any inventory setup.
Gift Card
You can create a gift card type product and assign a certain amount of value into the gift card. Once purchased, pre-loaded funds on the gift card can be used in making purchases on the website. The platform provides default integration with Givex to support Gift Cards.
In this type of product you can group several products together and sold them as a single unit for one price. The platform supports two types of bundles:
  • Bill of Material (BOM)  - It is the list of the items (raw material, components) that are required to build a product or service
  • Complementary - This type of bundle involves offering two or more products or services as a package deal for a specific price (can be discounted price as well).
These types of products are mainly sold as add-ons with the another standard product. They can be used for upselling or to offer an additional service / accessory to the customers with the purchase of main product.
Gift Box
This product is setup to allow the users to select one gift box for multiple items within the order. The end users can select the giftbox at the time of placing the orders.
Gift Box Line
This is used to pack one item line out of multiple items for which the order is placed.