Setting up a new page is easy. With inbuilt widgets and easy drag and drop user interface you can create attractive pages within minutes.

  1. Go to Storefront > Pages
  2. From the pages dropdown select the existing to edit or click on Add New Page

  3. The Add form requires you to input:
    • File name- which will be the name of your page.
    • Parent- If left blank the created page becomes an independent new page else will be a child of the selected page.
    • Slug- Commonly known as URL is automatically generated based on the file name, however, this can be overridden.
    • Templates- You can select any template from a pre-defined list and start adding required widgets. 
  4.  Add sections to drag and drop from the widgets. Widgets like product, brand, image gallery requires you to have their predefined lists saved in the system.

    Widget's position can be changed by drag and drop or clicking on this arrow shown in the snip below

  5. Once you are done with setting up the content in the page, you can preview, save different versions schedule or publish.