Bulk processing of products is an important feature and can really bring down the time of such operations. The platform is capable of performing this task. To bulk unpublish products follow the below steps:

  1. From your main menu go to Products> Bulk Import
  2. Click on Bulk Import
  3. Select type as ProductAttribute
  4. Download the sample file, update the sheet with the data you want to import
    • 'publish' attribute code will be used for this operation
    • In Attribute Value field '0'= False ; '1'=True  i.e if SKU is sent with 0 for publish attribute, it will unpublish the product & vice versa
  5. Click Next, upload the file
  6. The next window asks you to map the columns, The column name on the left should be mapped with the ones on the right.

  7. Validate your data for the final time and click on Next

  8. Data will be uploaded and updated status will be reflected in historical view.
    • Success: Complete success
    • Error: Complete Fail-In this case, details can bee seen by clicking "i" icon above
    • Partially Updated: Some data uploaded successfully

The above can be done at Product Code, Product Code + Color , and Product Code + Color+Size level (stock code level). For more detail on import read bulk import article.