Please follow the below steps for Label Printing:

  1. Install the Zebra Printer application on your machine by running zsu-1191286.exe file.
  2. Use link 227178c9720c025483893483886ea540bd07dd0f9873752cf891686eb495040ba85f97bf163f 9fdbc62ce8bbe325bdf95347bc39767aa16a8a1229bd7549bec4ab84efac5b40592822eada67 2e433843b9b8a9e204a634fa6c6fb5b6fd377f4970584916ad0dbdd.html#
  4. Plugin the Zebra Printer USB Cable on your machine.
  5. Run zsu-1191286.exe which you have downloaded on Step 1.
  6. After the Zebra Printer Driver gets installed, go to  Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. Rename the Zebra printer as “VinLBL”.
  7. After doing the installation in step 1, run the program “Zebra Setup Utilities (from desktop)”. While Installing New Printer, choose the printer configuration as USB Type.
  8. After the successful execution of steps 1 to 7, go to the below link: and download the file “QZ Tray 2.0.3”. Save it on your machine and run this installation.
  9. After successful installation of QZ Tray software, go to Start > All Programs > QZ Tray.
  10. If Step 6 is successful and QZ Tray is running properly on your machine, please check it as per the below screenshot on your machine.

  11. Make sure to keep the software running on whichever page Label Printing is required.


  1. The printer name should be an exact match with “VinLBL”.
  2. While opening any screen where label printing functionality is handled you'll get below shown pop up.

  3. Click on the check box “Remember this decision “and click on Allow button as well.
  4. In case you clicked on only Allow button then pop up will keep coming to ask for your permission to print the label.
  5. It’s better to remember this action for smooth functioning.
  6. Don’t click on the block button else label printing wouldn’t work.

How to check whether the above action is allowed or Blocked?

  1. Go to system tray.

  2. Select the QZ tray icon and right-click. Below options will be showing.

  3. Click on Advanced option >>Site Manager.

  4. On clicking site Manager you'll get below shown pop up.

  5. It will show you whether it is allowed or blocked.