Welcome to the FEB 2022 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Total processing: This release witnesses a new addition in the payment gateway integration; Total processing. It gives you a secure foundation to build your business, live insights and multiple payment options.

  2. Refund charge: To bring down the high return rate, a new concept of return service charge has been implemented in the platform.

  3. Order log view in the order detail screen: The order detail screen has some UI changes to give a cleaner visibility of the logs.

  4. Import Process optimization: The import process has been optimized to give you a faster transaction rate. That said, you can now import 20k+ records in less than a minute. This will significantly bring down the time to add or update product and attributes data.

  5. Performance Optimization of the whole platform: As a part of our routine, we regularly review the performance of the product and work continuously to make better every day. This release includes optimization that improves the performance of the overall platform.

  6. Bug Fixes: In addition to the new features, enhancements and change requests there have been few bug fixes reported internally by the quality team or from the customers using the platform. We highly prioritize the bugs based on the criticality and the impact, and fix them so that business stays unimpacted. The list of all the bug fixes have been listed below in this article.

eCommerce Enhancements

  1. Order detail UI: The order detail screen used to have four different sections called activity logs, summary logs, notes & attachment. The 1st two sections carries redundant data taking extra space and navigation to get the detailed log. In addition, notes and attachments added at any order status was not clearly displayed. With this change in the interface the redundant display of data has been taken care of and a consolidated view has been added that displays every single activity happened at order level with proper logging of timestamp, user and action. At any stage if any notes or attachment have been added that too gets displayed with proper timestamp.  
  2. Completeness attributes grouping: The custom and core attributes have been segregated while grouping of completeness attribute set so that user gets a clearer view of what to be selected.

  3. New payment gateway integration: The platform is now integrated with total processing payment gateway. which gives you a secure foundation to build your business, live insights and multiple payment options. Total processing gives 198 different methods to process card payments. It has got the knowledge and expertise to ensure you can always collect revenue. Take mobile payments as well as card present payments.

  4. Refund charge: To bring down the high return rate, a new concept of return service charge has been implemented in the platform. This functionality gives you a configurable screen to define the charge amount that you want to deduct against every refund you are processing.

OMS Enhancements

  1. Store Manager Permission enhancement:  Store managers can now view their stock level. The role of a store manager has been extended to add few new set of permissions that includes viewing own inventory.

  2. Optimized inventory list speed: The inventory list in the OMS has been further optimized to give users a faster experience in loading the data.
  3. Standard and grid display of Inventory and PO list page: Inventory and purchase order list screen have two separate views. First being the standard while second being the grid view. users can switch between both the views as per their preference.

  4. Better way to resolve 'exceptional' orders: In case more than one item of an order is in exception, a better way to resolve each of them has been implemented. This allows you to resolve multiple exceptions of a single order by selecting different reasons and alternatives.
  5. Stock transfer UI: The stock transfer user interface as been optimized for a better understanding of the transfers between the source and the destination.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Variant header display: The products having options like color and size are grouped by color, to give user and better experience group by color is displayed in the UI within which all the sizes of that color fall. This has given user a cleaner view of the variant products.

  2. Bulk add to bag: The bulk add to bag option throwing intermittent exception has been resolved in this release.
  3. Customer group in the promotion page: The promotion detail page now gives you option to select a customer group for which the promotion will be applicable.
  4. Payment gateway mismatch: The order detail in the commerce hub used to display a payment gateway which was not actually used at the time of creating the order. This bug has been identified & fixed in this release.

  5. Put away from mobile app: The process of put away using the mobile app now checks the allocated inventory in the backend before allocating the bin to the stocks.

  6. Customer password reset from backend: The provision to reset the customer password from the commerce has been reactivated.

  7. User creation in phone order: While creating a phone/sales order from the backend, the intermittent issue around creating a new customer has been fixed. The problem encountered around this was that order number was getting updated in place of the customer id.

  8. Delete a color group: This release also fixes the option to delete a color group functionality in the PIM.