Check out exciting new product updates for the month of April 2022! We've introduced new features, enhanced existing functionalities, and made a few performance improvements. some of the key highlights include:  


  1. Shipping promo rules: The shipping promotion discount amount can be configured to be applied at the header or the line level. This will give more flexibility to business users in terms of managing discount, returns and invoices.

  2. Mention Me Integration: Mention Me is a referral marketing platform which allows you to prompt your contacts to refer their friends to your brand by sharing offers.

  3. Account manager: The implementation of account managers gives the business power to assign particular brands and categories to employee who are known as account managers. These account managers can go to the platform and filter out the purchase and sales orders that belong to them and take necessary actions.

  4. PO feeds: This new enhancement at supplier level is going to make the purchase order management more comprehensive. You can get multiple purchase order details for report in a single document. This configuration is available at the supplier level.

  5. Bug fixes: In addition to the new features, optimizations & enhancements, there have been few bug fixes reported internally and by our customers. Reported bugs are prioritized based on their impact and necessary actions have been taken accordingly. 

eCommerce and PIM Enhancements

  1. Shipping promo rules: The shipping promotion detail screen now has a new flag that splits the discount across different order lines or keeps it at header level. This configuration can be used based on your business requirement.

  2. UI change in the order detail: The order line detail in the commerce hub now has a new toggle that allows you to switch between INC/EX VAT.

  3. Mention Me integration: The integration of Mention Me is going to be a great help to businesses to strategize their marketing. Mention Me is a referral marketing platform which allows you to prompt your contacts to refer their friends to your brand by sharing offers.

  4. Export of Return order: The customer service team can now export all the returns from the platform.This will help to analyze and process the returns better.
  5. New date & time selector: The new date picker makes the user's job easy to select the date and time range. Unlike previous interface, where a single popup was available to select the date and time range sometimes used to be tricky. Hence, to overcome the problem, a new date and time selector has been implemented that gives you a very easy and clean way to make your choice.

  6. Video widget: A new widget has been added in the page builder module that allows you to upload a video banner for your pages.
  7. Shipping method: Shipping methods can now be filtered by Status and Name.

10. New filter in the Product, Quote and Shipping method list : Product, quote and shipping method list now have new filter options to drill down your results.

11. Ability to delete import schedule: Users now has the provision to delete the scheduled import request.

OMS Enhancements

  1. Display Product name on PO PDF: This change adds one more information in the purchase orders and goods receiving reports i.e., name of the product along with the stock code.

  2. Account manager: Brands and categories can be assigned to users who become the account managers. Account managers can filter out their sales and purchase orders to action them and view the status.

  3. PO feeds: This new enhancement at supplier level is going to make the purchase order management more comprehensive. You can now configure suppliers to map the purchase order content as per the supplier's requirement. In addition, you can also configure to generate the PO report either in PDF or CSV format. There has been further enhancement done that allows you to generate 1:1 PO report or consolidate multiple POs in a single document.

  4. UI change in the product detail page: The bundle configuration of a product is now displayed in much better way giving a very neat view of the master, its components and quantity of the components.

  5. Import enhancement: The product import file can have 0 values against multiple fields like status and others. The system has the capability to smartly recognize them and assign the appropriate values for those fields.

  6. Stock request & transfer report: The stock request and transfer request now consolidated the transaction of all the physical stores to give a cumulative view of how many has been requested and how may have been received.

  7. More organized way to save the reports: The reports response now gets saved in separate models making it lighter in weight with improved performance.

  8. Sales channel list link: In the product listing page if no products are available a direct link has been added that takes you to the sales channel addition page. From this page you can add sales channels like Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon etc. and import your products.

  9. Export data visualization: The idea is to basically show the contents of the bin in a simple format on screen and also export through excel. 

  10. Printable PDF for Putaways: Putaway is a reverse pickup process. We can have printable PDFs like a picklist, that will be used for putting away stocks from return bin/receiving bay into their respective locations.

  11. Rule based supplier PO consolidation: Get multiple purchase order detail for report. This allows you to configure at supplier level if you want to consolidate or extract individual purchase orders. The report can be exported into CSV or PDF format.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Dashboard view: The data load inconsistency has been optimized to load even faster now.

  2. Provision to select more info while adding a price list: At the time of adding a new price list the enhanced feature now gives you an option to select the currency and the country.
  3. Post to OMS button: To give user a better experience, redundant buttons have been removed and there will now be a single Re-post button that will post the order to the OMS in case, system doesn't automatically send it due to any technical failure.