Welcome to the SEPT 2022 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:


1. JusPay Integration: BetterCommerce is integrated with JusPay which is a leading Fintech company in India. JusPay unifies payment gateways to give a seamless, secure, reliable, end-to-end, enterprise-grade payment stack for your business.

2. Picking Process using Zebra device: In this release, the scan & pick process of the stocker app has been optimized for a better user experience. It becomes very easy for the warehouse staff to simply scan and mark an item as picked. 

3. Inventory batch implementation: Batch tracking strategy of a product helps in tracing the inventory by important dates, numbers, texts etc. to monitor and distribute the product to the customer in most effective ways e.g., LIFO, FIFO, FEFO etc. is now implemented in OMS. For more details, read our detailed article here Batch Inventory

Commerce Hub & PIM

1. Country based promotions: We are proudly releasing 'Country based Promotion Rule' this month. With the help of this rule, we can now set promotions at a particular country level, which means visitors on that country specific site can avail the benefit of the offer.

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2. RMA Status update: While updating the status of the RMA (Return merchandise authorization), an extra layer of validation has been added that alerts the user about the action they are taking is irreversible.

3. Reverse Pickup Order Information: When a return is raised by the customer or the customer representative against an order, this information is passed on to the warehouse and the order management system. Following this return request, a reverse pickup (if applicable) gets created and the carrier completes the process physically. The information related to the Reverse Pickup like Reverse Pickup Order#, status and the tracking details are sent back to the ecommerce platform for the customer service department to have a better view of the current status.

4. Image tagging: Image tagging is the process of identifying and labeling the contents of an image. Different image tags can be used for different purposes like as a primary product image, or for a banner, or for the size guide and so on. This segregation of images on the basis of preassigned tags will help the users with an effective identification of the image.


5. Display Channels info of a product: If a product is mapped to multiple channels for sell like eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace, the product detail page would show a separate section with the mapping information.


1. Picking process using zebra device in Stocker App: With the help of certain screen changes, the picking process using the zebra mobile device has been optimized both in terms of speed and experience. The picker can easily scan a product barcode with Zebra handheld device if 

a) the correct product and bin data is created in the database and 

b) correct barcodes are printed and pasted on the products and bins (shelves, rows and levels.) 

Especially in the case of a picklist with multiple orders, picking via zebra handheld device makes the process accurate and convenient.

2. Inventory batch implementation: Users can now configure different batch groups for categories and products at the time of receiving goods or at the time of purchase orders - batch numbers, expiry or manufacturing dates or any other additional info for: - 

  • Inventory wise tracking
  • Order fulfillment using the concept of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO
  • Managing returns and other reporting function

For more details, read article -Batch Inventory

3. Configure to Print Invoices: Users can now configure their printing options on the packing screen in the OMS separately. Earlier, it used to print the return sheet, invoice, and return labels together by default. This configuration brings about a significant benefit for the businesses who want to use just a selected number of documents either because of their use case or to save the paper. 


4. Provision to Close/Archive incomplete stock take request: All the entries in Stock Take requests that have been “Started” but not “Submitted for review” can now be archived from the backend to declutter the list view.

Notable Bug Fixes

1. Landed cost in return report: The Return report now shows you the accurate landed cost of the products.

2. Amount display discrepancy: The display issue of a few cents in the payment gateway and the commerce hub has been fixed. Now both the platforms display the same figures.