Welcome to the October 2022 release of BetterCommerce. There are many updates in this version that we hope you'll like, some of the key highlights include:

Key Highlights

  1. Webhook Refactor Implementation: Significant improvements have been implemented as part of the Webhook architecture. 
  2. SMS & WhatsApp Integration: BetterCommerce now provides WhatsApp and SMS integration using service providers – Valuefirst & MSG91 for real-time alerts and notifications.
  3. GoKwik Integration: BetterCommerce is integrated with GoKwik payment gateway to provide increase conversion rates and reduce RTO to its clients
  4. Remove email HTML from database and move to blob: This would essentially reduce the load on the database and improve the overall speed of the platform.
  5. Pattern Swatch Implementation: Pattern swatch implementation with PIM & CH will help the users to provide shades and patterns of the same colour as per the product requirements
  6. Elastic Product Optimization: The product object in elastic search has been optimized from size perspective to accommodate more than 300 variants for any product. It has improved the speed / performance of the product related operations.

Commerce Hub

  1. Webhook refactor implementation: Webhook refactor implementation includes webhook firing approach across the modules - PIM, OMS, CH, CMS. There has been a significant clean-up of the entities & their respective events. It was done to optimize the webhook architecture. New features incorporated:
    1. Retry mechanism - A retry mechanism is the process that will take over if/when one of your webhook requests fail due to a network or destination server issue.
    2. Logging of failure responses - Webhooks logs include a record of every webhook attempt that the system has made and information on the success or failure of that call.
    3. Email alert on failures – When the webhook cannot be delivered to the target URL on retry for threshold number of time (e.g., 10), an email will be sent to the provided email(s) alerting the business about their receiving endpoint not working because of which the webhook has failed several times. 
  2. Whatsapp & SMS Integration: The platform now provides integration with WhatsApp & SMS through providers ValueFirst & MSG91. With this integration, businesses can engage their customers in one-way notifications such as order & payment updates, reminders, invoices, suggestions, and authentication codes. Businesses can also modernize and scale their customer experience better than just email notifications.
  3. Gokwik integration: GoKwik is a payment gateway that integrates with a website and supports its customers to place orders via cash on delivery (COD) and UPI options. It also helps businesses with RTO (Return to Origin) protection and provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers. This is implemented as part of the checkout process as an additional payment option for customers.
  4. Remove email HTML from database and move to blob: HTML content of the email templates has been moved from the database to Azure blob. This will decrease the load on the database and hence improves the performance of the platform.


  1. Promotion API to fetch details of product associated promos: This API enhancement will fetch all eligible promo codes with start and end date information, on Product details page. Admin user can now see the promotions details by clicking ‘View Linked promotion’ option, without going to Promotion screen.Graphical user interface, application, Teams

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  2. Pattern swatch implementation:A pattern swatch is a feature that let you choose between all the available printed patterns of the same product on the same page without any extra navigation or page reload. This implementation will help business user to setup pattern swatches for their product types.
  3. Elastic Product Optimization: At times a product can have 100 plus variants like a product comes with 10 colors, 10 sizes and 2 gender; it will make 10*10*2 i.e., 200 product variants.  Earlier the product object in ‘Elastic search’ was adding all variants in a product object which was affecting the performance adversely. Now, the product object size has been optimized to accommodate more than 300 variants for any product. Hence, the search can now handle several 100s of variants without any adverse performance impact; thus improved the speed/performance of the product related operations.


Analytics & Reporting

  1. Attribute Completeness Report: Completeness report defines the attributes that constitute the completeness of a product. When a product has all the defined attribute values, it's considered complete. Few examples of attributes can be name, price, category, description, images, etc. This reporting is now included in ‘Reports’ section of Commerce Hub.

Graphical user interface, application

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Notable bug fixes 

  1. Dynamic Currency symbol based on pricelist: The product detail page was showing a fixed currency symbol in pricing info earlier. It is corrected to show the currency symbol based on the currency settings.
  2. Incorrect currency symbol and Duplicate Order Header status: The display issue of a few cents in the payment gateway and the commerce hub has been fixed. Now both the platforms display the same figures. While placing order from microsite in the backend, the pricing info details were displaying incorrect currency symbol. This has been corrected. Also, when order was getting cancelled by using ‘cancelled by store’ option, the header was displaying ‘Cancelled by Store tab’ twice. 
  3. Product launch date was not getting saved: If the product launch date was scheduled for an automatic launch, the launch date of a product was not getting saved correctly. This bug has been fixed in this release.
  4. Subscription info was not updating: The subscription info is updated to show the subscription status under “my account” which was not reflecting earlier.Mobile specific banners were not displaying on pages. The banner display issue around the pages on a mobile device has been fixed now.