Welcome to the November release of BetterCommerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:

Key Highlights

  1. Mobile & OTP based AuthenticationIn an increasingly technological world this is one of the key features that been released recently. The authentication system now also allows login via phone number and OTP, which gives you freedom from remembering complex passwords. Along with this it gives you the confidence on the security and builds customer trust that indirectly have positive impact on the conversion rate.

  2. Estimate Delivery Date (EDD): A very advanced EDD engine has been developed to work with city, postcode, courier delivery SLAs which provides a much more accurate EDD rather than a simple SLA across the board.

  3. Customizable & Extendable Reviews: The enhanced review feature in the system now allows the business to setup and configure custom fields with their options, for eg. business can prompt the users to provide rating for different elements – fabric, product quality, service, fitting, etc. The users can also submit images at the time of submitting the reviews. 


Commerce Hub

  1. Fraud Rule Engine Enhancements: The fraud rule engine has been extended to flag orders on Hold based on the configurable setting for fraudulent activity. These conditions are configurable and can be used as per your store needs. Here are few examples:

    1. Order Value: If an order exceeds the defined order value it puts the order on HOLD with the following reason “Order Value is more than X

    2. RTO (Return To Origin) History: This uses customer historical information and puts the order on HOLD with the following reason “Last Order Return or RTO is more than 50%”.

    3. Discount: If there is a too much discount on any order then it puts the order on HOLD with following reason” Potential Coupon misuse”

    4. Duplicate Order based on time threshold: If same user places order in an hour, then order will go on HOLD as “Potential Duplicate Order

  2. Order Listing Screen Changes: Added new search criteria with the phone number – so, now the orders can also be searched by the customer’s phone no.  and predefined View for On HOLD Orders to make it easy to see the Hold orders in one click.  

  3. Returns, Replacements & Refunds
    1. Image Upload Capability: For data enrichment and future use, the customer support team can upload photographs received by customers via various means, such as WhatsApp or email, against an RMA. The returns are handled after the photos pass a satisfactory quality check. The system supports up to 10 image uploads of up to 5 MB each. 

    2. Select Replacement Option: The user can now select the replacement for their return from the front end where they can select a different color, or different size and send it over to the customer service team. The replacement order generated within the system automatically picks this preferred product variant of the product for fulfilment.

  4. My Account 

    1. Mobile & OTP based authentication: This is a new way of allowing users to login to the website without remembering the complex passwords. In an increasingly technological world this helps reduce the friction from the user experience perspective and improves user engagement. The authentication system now also allows users to login by simply entering the phone number, the system then sends the OTP on the user’s mobile and allows the user to login. 

    2. Address Tagging: The users can now tag their addresses – for eg. ‘home’, ‘office’, ‘third place’, ‘home town’. This allows users to quickly select the addresses during the checkout process by simply clicking on the tag. This is an additional feature which reduces the friction for users in their basket / checkout process. 

    3. Upload Image with Returns Request: The customers can now upload images while creating return request, this would help the return team to take decision to approve or reject a return. The user can possibly take the image of damaged goods or anything similar. 

    4. Reviews – Customizable & Extendable: The enhanced review feature in the system now allows the business to setup and configure custom fields with their options, for eg. business can prompt the users to provide rating for different elements – fabric, product quality, service, fitting, etc. The users can also submit images at the time of submitting the reviews.

  5. Shipping & Delivery

    1. Estimated Delivery Date (EDD): This capability allows the businesses to show the number of shipments the order will be fulfilled, the Items in each shipment and the estimated delivery days for each shipment. Additionally, the user can also enter their postcode on PDP and find out the EDD for the specific product against their postcode. A new micro-service called EDD (estimated delivery date) is introduced in this release which is one of the conversion critical elements in online retail. With this feature you have the capability to show estimated delivery date on the product detail page by simply putting the post code. This input in the backend runs through various variables like warehouse location, courier partners availability and lead time+ stock availability. Based on multiple variables an EDD is calculated and shown to the customers. The logic also considers holidays between the dates. This feature will primarily help to show the estimated delivery date on Product detail page and the following information on the checkout page.

      1. Number of shipments the order will be fulfilled.
      2. Items in each shipment
      3. Estimated delivery days for each shipment.
      4. It also helps populated the city and the state on the address page based on the postcode
  6. Promotions: In this release, lots of new capabilities have been extended in the promotion module to enhance the flexibility for businesses and build more powerful customer engaging offers. 
    1. Voucher Validity: Until this release, the vouchers used to expire with expiry of a promo however, now validity can be configured at vouchers level which means a promo can have 1000 vouchers with 10 different expiration dates depending upon when the voucher is generated and assigned to a specific customer. 
    2. Custom Info Fields: The promotion's online display can now include a variety of information to improve its customer engagement. With a promo, you may set up an image, a description, and other additional information that will be displayed on the website as needed. For instance, the cart or the product detail page.
    3. Updates in Existing Promotion Types
      1. BOGO Promotion ExtendedBOGO promotion is extended to get 2 free products. This way it can be used wherever we want to offer customer to BUY1 and GET2 specific products.
      2. BuyXGetCheapestFreeNow promotion logic also considers the provided data set in the included or excluded. Example If a basket has 4 items out of which 3 are from the same dataset of the promotion, then promo engine validates the cheapest product from the same. Where earlier it used to work on the basket level only.
  7. SearchSearch is now configurable whether to display fuzzy or exact match result only. Now the business can configure to ignore fuzzy logic or utilize the fuzzy logic in the search. Fuzzy logic basically handles the typos. For eg, user types ‘blck’, the system will automatically search using the keyword ‘black’.


  1. Select Image from Media Library: Users can now select any image from the media library and use them on multiple products. While uploading image if user decide to use any existing image or use it from the local storage of the device.
    1. Browse from Local device
    2. Add from Media Library 
  2. Search Box Added: Search has been added in backend product detail to be able to search for a particular colour from a list of multiples groups and making the UX easier for merch team to find specific colours while adding a variant. 
  3. New API endpoints: Some new API endpoints created that can be consumed on the frontend as per applicable business case.
    1. Get Products By Barcode: This endpoint retrieves the product information using the barcode.
    2. Product Quick ViewThe Quick view of a product not necessarily require all the detailed information hence with limited yet useful set of information the API returns the quick view to be displayed on the website. This makes the screen load time efficient and useful feature to have.



  1. Clickpost: BetterCommerce is now integrated with ClickPost. ClickPost is a multi-carrier logistics management and intelligence platform helping 250+ big and small enterprises with their logistics operations. Enabling business to build super-efficient operations by making limitless delivery possibilities.
  2. UnicommerceBetterCommerce is now integrated with Unicommerce India. Unicommerce eSolutions is India‘s largest e-commerce focused supply chain SaaS technology platform. 

Notable bug Fixes

  1. Product Collection Sorting Issue
  2. Gift Wrap API missing Image path been sorted