Welcome to the JUL 2022 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:


  1. JWT Implementation: This release comes with a major implementation called JWT. It is a stateless authentication mechanism as the user state is never saved in the database and it protects against CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks. Since JWT is compact and can authorize only the requests you wish to authorize, this makes JWT a good choice to be passed in HTML and HTTP environments.
  2. Bulk Upload Product Images: You will also find an important feature in this release that allows the user to upload product images in bulk. The process has been made simple enough wherein users just need to drop bulk images in a folder within a shared location. The name of the images must be in a defined format. As soon as the images are uploaded, it gets assigned to the products.


  1. ClickPost Integration: BetterCommerce is now integrated with ClickPost for Shipment tracking, Forward manifest and Reverse manifest.
  2. HTML content in the blob rather DB: The body of the email \[html\] was getting saved in the database making it very heavy. With this release, the content is getting saved to the blob making the database lighter and high in performance.



eCommerce Enhancements

  1. Shopping Feeds: Product detail screen has a new flag called “Shopping feed”. This flag can be used to configure the products for feeds and sitemap. By default, the flag will be enabled for the all the products.
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  1. Membership Cancellation: Platform now provides the ability to cancel membership for better customer experience. Cancellation can be configured per membership plan.
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 3. UX changes on Quote detail screen: Quote detail screen now reflects the status of the quote, making it more informative. Business user can now edit the email address while generating the payment link.

4. Optimised order detail page: Slowness on the order detail page was detected for the orders where item lines were more than 50. Optimization has been done to improve the performance of the high qty orders to load within 5 seconds.

5. Improved bulk upload Process: A sample file has been made available to download for the custom attribute and custom attribute options. Additionally, an error message is introduced to display when attribute values are blank. Furthermore, products would appear active if uploaded with ‘Visible and Publish’ flags as true.

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6. Bulk Upload Product Images: The process to bulk upload product images has been refined. Now the user can upload images into a (drop-box/google drive) designated folder. These folders will be configured at domain level and a ‘setting’ option has been added. The root folder will have following 3 folders - New, Uploaded and Error. Users can upload images in the ‘New’ folder.


  1. Update Season/Code for products using bulk upload: ‘Bulk Attribute Upload’ option now allows uploading Season, Drop and PDLC flag at product and stock code level. This will help the business to update season info even after creating the products or to an existing set of products in the catalogue.
  2. Implement dot-liquid email template engine: For ease of users to understand and set up, we have regrouped several email templates in the dot-liquid format. Redundant email templates have been merged to de-clutter the system. 

OMS Enhancements

  1. Stock take: A validation has been added to check if the bin to which we are moving the stocks while doing ‘Stock Take’ exists or not.

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  1. UI enhancements in OMS screens: Height of the order rows in ‘New’/'Listing' screen section has been optimized for a better fit and look. Additionally, carrier logos have been re-arranged to display in a more consistent manner and should show the relevant information when the mouse is hovered on them.
  2. StockTake via stocker app:  The StockTake process using the Zebra device has been improved. The laser beam will not start until the user presses a button to start scanning. Earlier the laser beam used to start the moment the StockTake is initiated.

  1. Click post Integration: This release also includes Clickpost integration that will boost many online retailers manage their order shipping. Click Post is a logistics intelligence platform for eCommerce companies and courier companies. It helps eCommerce companies in tracking and managing shipments, returns, delays, and failed deliveries.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Product Collection Attribute Fix: Product collections now display the correct set of products as per the operator filter configured in the Commerce Hub.
  2. Edit Price-list configuration: The 'add and edit' screen now has the fields that allow editing. Users can now edit the date range, dynamic flags: If a dynamic price-list has static conversion rate, this fix will allow to change it to dynamic which when would pick from Exchange API, if done vice versa, it would take the static conversion rate.
  3. Default landing to PIM Dashboard: If a user switches from any other module to PIM, they will land on the PIM dashboard unlike earlier that took users to the product listing page.
  4. Attribute grouping within an Attribute Set: One of the useful changes include the provision to upload custom attributes and group them within an attribute set.
  5. Editing profile info of a company account: System now allows to edit the first name and last name of the user when customer account has been converted to company account.
  6. Incorrect timestamp in the OMS screens: Earlier, times stamps displayed in OMS were an hour behind compared to those in the Commerce Hub. Now, they have been re-programmed to display the same time.