With 'Country based Promotion Rule,' we can restrict the promotions to a specific country which means only visitors from the country will be able to avail the benefit of the offer and the offers can be restricted geographically enabling business to build more localized promotions as per the country markets.


How to set ‘Country based promotion’ rule?

The country base promotion rule can be applied to any existing promotion OR at the time of creating Promotion. (To know how to “Create a new Promotion,” please check the “Create Promotion” article in ‘Search & Merchandizing’ section.)

 1. Go to ‘Merchandising’ section and select ‘Promotions.’

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2. Select any existing promotion/ create new promotion.


3. Once you open Promotions page, go to ‘Country’ section.

4. Click on the ‘Country Specific’ toggle button.

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5. A list of countries will appear. Users can tick the check boxes to enable the applicable and intended country or countries, wherever they want a particular promotion to be displayed.


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6. Click ‘Save.’