Image collection is a group of images that allows you to group them and use for merchandising across different sections of the website or a list of images for a carousel (slider) to be used on landing pages.  

You can upload as many images as you want and also define specific properties for each image. Although, the platform optimizes the images for different devices, the platform allows you to upload specific images for mobile & desktop to give you full control over the focal point of the image on mobile. 

In the example below, a list of 2 images are created into a collection, for use on the main carousel on the Home page.   

How to create an image collection?

  • Go to Collection > Image Collection
  • Click on New Image Collection
  • Add Images

Images can also be uploaded through the Media Library, which enables the management of ALL digital assets. You can also upload images directly at the time of creating new Image Collection by using add images button, to launch the Image Library control panel as seen below. 

When a new list is to be created, it is given an appropriate name e.g. Summer Slider (for a Carousel), BAU (for Home page promotion) and the images are loaded and number assigned, so it is clear which order they need to go in, when they are to be added on the HomePage or Landing Page.

Once a list has been created, it can be edited: the images can be changed and the Title, Description Link and Alt Name can be amended as required.