Promotions & campaigns are an integral part of growing a digital commerce business. The Platform provides business users with the tools to build promotions and vouchers that can be applied at a product line or order level and targeted at specific customers.

They can be used to increase revenue and/or conversion rate or specific discount codes can be used for customers to reward loyalty or first time customers or address customer support issues. The platform provides business users with the tools to build promotions and vouchers that can be applied at different levels.

Configurable promotions can be grouped as follows:

Promotion %Promotion ££Multi-Buys
  • X% off
  • X% off on specific date
  • X% off on specific time(s)
  • X% off between a and b date(s)/time range 

  • ££s off
  • ££s off on specific date
  • ££s off on specific time(s)
  • ££s off between a and b date(s)/time(s) additional clauses can be added, such as Brand

  • N for ££s
  • Buy X save ££S
  • BOG Cheapest Free
  • Spent ££s Get Y Free
  • Buy X Get % Off

Additional clauses can be added, such as Brand, Category, Product(s), Promo Code, Auto-Apply (no code needed) etc.

Order Level Promotions:

Any Promotion where the offer applies to the Order and not to a specific Product Line e.g. £10 Off, where there are no qualifiers against a product.

Product Line Level Promotions:

The Promotion would be at Product Line Level, if tied to a Product or Products e.g. £10 Off Joop WOW Eau de Toilette 100ml, another example of a Product Line Promotion would be a BOGOF.

Promotion Types

The platform provides built-in promotion types to cover wide variety of business needs

Promotion TypeDescription
Value DiscountSimple promotion offering % or a fixed ££s discount 
Buy 1 Get 1 FreeBOGOF promotion
Buy X cheapest freeBuy x number of units and get the cheapest one free
X For y Fixed priceX number of products for a fixed price. i.e. 2 products for a fixed price.
Spend more than ££s get 1 X Freespend more than ££s get X units free
But X Get 50 Percent Off on YBuy x units get % off 
Category WiseUse one promotion to offer different % or ££s category wise. for eg, 1 promo code, user gets 10% discount on T-shirts, but 20% discount on jeans.
TieredGet 10% off when you spend £100, get 20% off when you spend £200, get 30% off when you spend £300
Shipping promoShipping promotion - free shipping over a threshold, etc. 
Service ChargeReverse promotion to charge for a specific service offered for specific products or order types
Subscription SignupPromotion to offer free signup for new subscribers for subscription orders.
Subscription GWPPromotion to offer any month / year free during the subscription

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