How I can do GRN for the raised POs?

Once the purchase order is acknowledged by the vendor, business user can start the GRN process from the PO detail screen.

Below are the steps to do the GRN process.

  • Go to the PO detail screen and go to the receive tab. This screen will show you the quantity ordered, total quantity received, quantity remaining and quantity in transit.
    Quantity in transit – Implies that supplier has shipped the asked quantity of the product and they are yet to be received in the business warehouse.

User needs to click on “Receive Goods” button and start the GRN process. There will be a modal pop-up displayed which will show the “delivery note” details and what has been shipped by the supplier.

Point to remember: GRN will always be done against a delivery note.


On the same pop-up user needs to scroll down to populate the GRN details. Here user can populate :

  • Total no. of boxs received.
  • Received quantity.
  • Delivery Centre – where the goods are received
  • Inventory type
  • Is Reserved
    • This flag is used for reserving the received stock against a specific order.
    • Once checked, user can search an order and select it, user can also mention the quantity of the stock he/she wants to reserve for the specific order.

  • Once all the details are populated, click save button and GRN will completed.