Strategy Keys are important part of merchandising configuration, which are the general rules defined at the store level to manage how the products are displayed to the shoppers. The supported strategy keys which can be configured at the store level are:

  1. Best Seller
  2. Trending
  3. New launch
  4. On Sale
  5. Launch Date

The platform supports multiple strategy keys to promote the desired products within the product collections. To define your merchandising rules, go to Settings > Merchandising Config

Strategy keys are configurable as per the business requirement. Based on the defined configuration, the platform will automatically assign the tag of Best seller or Trending or New Launch to a qualifying  product. The basic configuration is done based on below variables:

  • Number of units sold
  • Revenue
  • In last Days or hours


On Sale and Launch date are predefined rule in the platform, therefore cannot be configured from above screen.

On Sale and Launch Date, these strategy keys cannot be configured from here , but they pull the data as per the pre-defined rules in the platform as given below:

  • On Sale – When the List price (RRP) of the products is higher than the sell price of the product then product is considered “on sale”. This capability also allows you to run and manage your flash sales with lot more ease. 
  • Launch date – This key picks the date when the product has been scheduled to be launched on the store. This is not the created date by default, the platform provides another input to allow you to set the Launch date. Using this feature, you can also schedule the product launches. 

These keys are pretty handy in product collections as you can “sort” a product collection based on these strategy keys to promote your products in different ways.