Within Better OMS, warehouse can be added and managed in a very efficient way. In order to add a warehouse in the system you need to follow the below steps:

  • From the main menu go to Delivery center. This will take you to the Delivery center listing page.

  • Click on Add Delivery Center from the upper right corner
  • This opens up a form that needs to be filled and submitted. Name, Code, Type, Phone No., Email, Address 1, City, Country & Post code are the mandatory fields.

What are different fields and their meaning?

  • Name: Name of the warehouse/delivery center or your Fulfilment center
  • Code: Delivery center code which can be just initials or a short form of the name. For example London's main warehouse can have its code as LMW
  • Type: Type can be warehouse, physical store or supplier location
  • Basic Info: Phone No, Mobile No, Email: These are warehouse's basic information
  • Company: Name of the company ( if applicable)
  • Address: Address 1 & 2, City, County, Country & Postcode
  • Latitude & Longitude: If you have these info, it can be saved in the respective fields.
  • Is ACTIVE: Weather the warehouse if currently active and functional
  • This is a satellite warehouse: Satellite warehouse are primarily virtual warehouse which actually fulfils the order from a related warehouse.