Businesses carry out warehouse stock transfers in-numerous times over the span of years. Expansions, adding new storage facilities and moving to new locations happen continuously. Transferring stocks is a well-planned process, but it becomes extremely complex in the absence of proper data. Better OMS gives you a very clear and easy picture of the transfer process. 

Steps to transfer:

  • From the main Nav go to Inventory > Stock Transfer.
  • It opens the list of all transfer requests within the system. User can search for a particular request by applying filters to see selective data.
  • To create a new transfer request, click on Stock Transfer button on the upper right corner.
  • Select the Source and Destination warehouse.
  • Now, from the detail page add the items, qty and notes that you wish to transfer
  • A stock transfer request number is generated with the initial status to Initiated
  • Further, status can be changed to Sent to Destination, Cancelled or Accepted