How to set up a supplier?

  • Go to main navigation and click on suppliers
  • Provide the following info and click on Save
  • Fields Description
    • Name: The display name of the supplier
    • Email: Primary email of the supplier
    • Code: Supplier Code(if any)
    • Phone No: Contact phone number
    • Default Lead Days: Max no. of days taken by supplier to ship the order
    • Type: is it an individual supplier or a company
    • Currency: Default currency that the supplier accepts
    • Tax Reg No: Tax registration # of the supplier
    • Payment Terms: Default payment term that has been agreed
    • Shipment Terms: Default shipping terms that has been agreed
    • Country: Country of the supplier
    • Is Active: If the supplier is active or not
    • Is Dropship: If the supplier supports dropship
    • Is Tax Inclusive: Will the purchase order total will be Inc or Ex VAT

Suppliers Performance

This section in the supplier details gives you a snapshot of how the supplier is performing. 

Supplier Pricelist

Supplier pricelist is imported within the system. The Supplier pricelist is the price at which you are buying the goods from the supplier.