Below is the list of different statuses a PO can have and where it can move from these statuses.

PO Statuses


Can be moved to


New PO is created, Products might be added or not added to the PO

Approved or Cancelled


Products were added to the PO and everything else looks good. PO is approved by the business.

Sent to Vendor or Acknowledged by Vendor or Cancelled

Sent to Vendor

When PO is sent to the Supplier

Acknowledged by Vendor or Cancelled

Acknowledged by Vendor

When the Supplier acknowledges the PO received from the business

Partial Goods Received or All Goods Received or Cancelled

Partial Goods Received

When all products are not received during the GRN process

All Goods Received or Posted to Accounts or Cancelled

All Goods Received

When all products are received during the GRN process.

Posted to Accounts or Closed or Cancelled


When the All goods are received from the PO it can be marked as closed.

This is the final status. Cannot go back or beyond this.