Stocker app is an extension app that comes out of the box with the BetterCommerce platform. The Android-based app will primarily be used by the Warehouse employees, the warehouse manager, picker, packing station person, stock taker, etc.

The app has six main modules curated for different purposes:

  1. Receive: This feature is used to do all kinds of stock receiving. GRN can be done for the raised POs(Purchase orders) with your suppliers or internal stock requests from different delivery centers.

  2. Put Away: Mostly after GRN or returns it becomes imperative for the warehouse guy to put away the stocks from the receiving area or the return bin back to their original bin locations. 

  3. Picklist: The picking is done using this feature in the stocker app. All you need is to scan the bins and products to mark item picked.

  4. Dispatch: Once your order is picked-packed and ready to be shipped, with a single barcode scan the orders can be marked as dispatched.

  5. Stock take: Every warehouse performs this exercise of stock take in regular intervals to keep a check of the stock count. This feature makes it very easy for you to feed the rights stock count in the system.

  6. Return: When the return parcel comes in the return center, this app helps you scan the return sheet and products in it to create and update RMA.

  7. Stock Lookup: There can be times when you just want to scan a product and want to have a quick lookup. With a single scan you can check the stock count and inventory position of the scanned item across all the delivery centers and bin locations.