Overview: Shipping rules allow you to automatically apply specific settings to your orders, based on fixed conditions. This feature will help you to automate and save time in your shipping process: Based on the rule you have created, orders will be automatically be assigned to the qualifying the carrier service.

To create a new shipping rule, you need follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings> Shipping Rule
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Populate the required fields for the shipping rule

    Shipping Rule NameThis is just the name of the rule. You can give a meaningful name.
    Label For
    This selection is for orders or returns. The label that you want the carrier service to generate is for orders or returns.
    A business can have multiple sites known as domains. You need to select the domain that you are setting up this rule for.
    Sales Channel
    Select the sales channel Better commerce or any other like Amazon, Shopify etc as applicable.
    Select website shipping methodSelect the shipping method displayed to the customers on the website for which this rule is being set.
    Select a carrier
    Select a carrier that is applicable for this rule. You might have integrated multiple carriers like UPS, RM or Evri.
    Select a service
    Every carrier service, provides different services like standard 48 hours, 24 hours , next day delivery etc. You need to select the specific service of that carrier.
    ConditionsThis is the most important section where you need to provide the condition(s) on which you want your rule to work upon. The conditions can be added based on country, postcode, zone, email and many more. The next in this section is to select the operator if it is =, >, < In, Not In and more based on the 1st condition you select and as the end you need to select the value based on the condition you are choosing. For example: select Country In UK, US. The value field can be multi-selected using the shift key.