In continuation of the Product Collection article, this article talks about how to create a landing page.

The platform allows you to create a landing page for each product collection and you can configure the same with a hero banner and change the display order of the products by simple drag and drop or simply putting a display order.

  • You can add a carousel which will be displayed on the product landing page on the website.
  • You can see all the products which are included in the product collection and can change view from grid or list.
  • Product tiles also have the information about the product launch date, which strategy key it falls under, along with the sort order if there is any.
  • You an also switch between grid or list view to view the products.

Grid View: In this view you can drag and drop the products where you want to display them on the website. Any product can be dragged and dropped to a desired location and then user can click on “save display order” button.

List View: In list view, you get an option to define the product sort order by manually putting in the sort order against each product. The default sort order assigned to all the products is 1000 but this can be overridden by the user.

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