Welcome to the April 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: 


  1. New OMS Dashboard: The new dashboard gives a quick yet comprehensive view of the overall state of the products, orders, and their fulfillment journey
  2. Smart Picking process: With this approach, system has become smarter in identifying where are the items being picked from if they reside in multiple locations. 
  3. CMS Page scheduler: With simple clicks, schedule your pages to go live automatically on important occasions. 
  4. Marketplace Integration: Connect with marketplaces to increase the scope of your sales.
  5. Pricelist Import: Bulk import pricelist much faster.

Changes & Improvement: E-Commerce

  1. CMS Page scheduler
    Schedule your content to publish or unpublish with a few clicks of the mouse with the BetterCommerce Page scheduling feature. Whether it be a promotion, a product update, or an event, you will not need to wake up at midnight, work after hours, or on the weekend to click a launch your content. The content scheduling functionality allows users to schedule content at a certain time on a certain date.

  2. Provision to edit Sales order
    This is a standard practice to capture Sales Order in Draft mode in the System, especially in the B2B arena. Usually, such Sales Order needs to be validated & updated depending upon the customer's requirement, price change, and stock availability. With the SO edit feature, an order line can be added, removed, or updated to match the need and then processed.
  3. Auto-update Mega Menus
    When a URL of a particular product collection or a CMS page gets updated, it requires the menus linked to it to be updated too. However, with this enhancement, the system smartly identifies the change in the URL and updates the same in the associated menus leaving you botherless.

  4. Pricelist Import & Export
    The System has been optimized to handle large files in the pricelist import. The import process is now quicker, more efficient, and gives a clear indication of failure with reasons.

    The price list can also be exported in a CSV format.
  5. Display Custom message on Invoice: You can now display custom information on your invoices in addition to detailed predefined information it already carries.

  6. Configurable payment method for Multicurrency: Configure payment methods to accept specific countries & currencies.
  7. Account Settings: New settings added to manage all your integrated financial applications like Xero, QuickBooks etc.

  8. Ability to edit B2B Sales Order: Created Order sometimes may require you to add a new product or update /remove existing lines. With this feature, this can be easily achieved.

  9. Auto-update Mega Menu Link: When related entities like a product collection or a CMS page URLs are updated, the mega menus linked to those URLs automatically get updated.

  10. Set store password to restrict unwanted access: You can set a password on your website if you feel the need of restricting unwanted access.

  11. HSN Codes: Harmonized System of Nomenclature-This system has been introduced for the systematic classification of goods all over the world.

Changes & Improvement: OMS

  1. Smart Picking
    A smart picking system is a set of numerous elements of an order picking process that raises the velocity and quality of picking. With this new approach, a picker roams around the warehouse following a specific pathway (sorted bins), scans the locations, and then the items in it. This way picking becomes quicker and more efficient. Moreover, the system has a record of every activity performed by the picker which essentially helps in maintaining the correct track of the inventory. 
  2. Marketplace Integration
    The E-commerce marketplace or online e-commerce marketing is a place or a website where one can find different brands of products coming from multiple vendors, shops, or people showcased on the same platform. Hence, understanding the market need and the importance of selling on other marketplaces we have integrated with all the major marketplaces. The process is simple and requires basic connectivity information to get started.
  3. GRN for Stock Transfers
    A stock transfer is the removal of an item from one storage location and its transfer to another storage location. Stock transfers can occur either within the same warehouse or between two warehouses. In this process, there is a possibility of a loss of track. To overcome this, a GRN process has been proven very efficient. When Goods Receiving is done, every unit is tracked how much was sent and what quantity has been received with a proper reference id.
  4. Revamped Purchase order Screen: The new screen gives a very user-friendly experience while creating, editing a purchase order.
  5. GRN for stock transfer between warehouses: When transfers are done from one to another warehouse or within the same warehouse, a GRN process keeps a proper check to track stock movements.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Fixed Collection Filter issue
  2. Fixed Localize Content Tabs UI
  3. Fixed pricelist Export Issue
  4. Search Stock code in the pricelist detail screen bug fixed