Welcome to the FEB 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include:


  1. XERO Integration: Integrate Better Commerce with Xero for managing all your finances.
  2. Auto basket weight calculation: In case of sales order edit the basket weight is calculated automatically that derives shipping.
  3. Pricelist scheduler: With this feature in place you just need to schedule the pricelist import. The platform is capable enough to run the requests as per the schedule so that you don't miss out on important opportunities.

Changes & Improvement: E-Commerce

  1. Bulk upload product attributes
    Product attributes are important elements. Business may need to regularly update the attributes for better search and merchandising. With bulk import this has become very easy and quick.
  2. Xero Integration
    The system is ready to connect with Xero by providing basic connectivity credentials. The information flows to and from better commerce and Xero.
  3. Basket weight calculation
    Based on basket weight shipment can be impacted hence its important system auto-calculates the basket weight even when the order is edited. This provision is now provided.

  4. Preview for draft products
    This is for all the merchandisers and departments who are responsible for product visibility on the site, when a new product is created with copies and images, it is important to have a look of it on the website before publishing it. Draft product preview gives you the liberty to see how your product would look on the site. Only when you are convinced you can go ahead and publish it.

  5. Billing and Shipping can be set as default addresses: Now the system allows users to mark their address a default Billing and shipping address which was earlier restricted only to Shipping. 
  6. Email and Pdf template UI changes: The user interface has been improved to display email and pdf templates in a much better way.
  7. New UI for feed detail page: The feed page has been revamped to give a much cleaner look.
  8. Ability to schedule price using bulk upload feature: This is one of the most important features introduced in this release. User can schedule their import and the system automatically picks it at the defined time.
  9. Product preview: Product in draft status can be previewed now to see how it would look on the site even before it is published.

Changes & Improvement: OMS

  1. More user-friendly stock adjustment
    When inventory is adjusted or simply searched in the listing screen by style codes it now fetches it from across the system no matter which warehouse, location, or inventory type it is from. A product can have multiple variants (size and color) showing them all in proper order and from across the location is quite crucial and the system now displays it in a very organized way.

  2. Change in the Stock Transfers: Save and display comments against each line in the transfer: While transferring stocks from or within warehouses comments can be saved at line levels.

  3. Inventory Listing & Adjustment screen: SKU to show all warehouses & locations: When inventory is adjusted or simply searched in the listing screen by style codes it now fetches it from across the system no matter which warehouse, location, or inventory type it is from.
  4. Setting screen optimization: The setting screen has been optimized and organized in a more proper way to give a centralized view of all system related settings for quick view and updating.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Fixed Picklist issue: Users were unable to mark few picklists as picked under exceptional scenarios. The root cause has been identified and rectified.
  2. Fixed file upload popup issue: Clicking on a specific point used to upload the file. This has been rectified.
  3. Stock Lookup Bug: The mobile app stock lookup feature intermittently failed to scan a product. This is fixed now.