Welcome to the JAN 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Auto Approve stock take and allocate location: When stock take or putaway session is carried out from the mobile app, the dependency on the approval process from the backend has been removed making the process much quicker. 
  2. "OR" Condition in product merchandising: Merchandising the products has been made more interesting and powerful with the ability to include/exclude products based on "OR" conditions between attributes. 
  3. Add a new brand: This release now allows you to add a brand from the system. Earlier, brands in the system were always imported along with the product data. 
  4. Notification system:  Notifications & alerts systems have been built into the system to configure and trigger emails to the concerning contacts.

eCommerce Enhancements

  1. System Alerts & Notifications: It is important that business gets notified about few important activities within the system. Hence, to make this simpler and user-friendly an interface has been provided from where alerts can be configured. You can choose from multiple events and configure the rules based on your business requirements.

  2. Tax Class & VAT number validation: Based on tax classes and a valid TAX reg number, it is decided if a company is tax exempted or NOT. This configuration makes it easier for the business to keep a check. You do not need to track each and every invoice as the system does it automatically.

  3. OR Condition to empower product collection: While creating a product collection having the provision to apply OR condition has empowered the merchandiser even more. The collection can now fetch the records based on AND & OR conditions both of which help to drill down the search and fetching more appropriate results.
  4. Default billing & shipping address: Until this release, a default billing address was saved. The same used to appear for shipping & billing, however, users can now set default Billing and shipping address individually also.

  5. Provision is given to Add a new brand: Brands used to be imported along with product data which can now be added from the UI without having the need of importing the products.

OMS Enhancements

  1. Handling backorder when items in stock: A backorder cannot be fulfilled until the inventory is back in stock. When a GRN or inventory is updated by any other means,  you can then move the backorder individually or in bulk to        In stock and then proceed with the order fulfilment.

  2. Chronological display Order in Create PO Matrix: Products having variants size* color now is displayed in chronological order. Grouped by color gives the user a very neat and clean view while creating a purchase order or doing a GRN.
  3. Ability to adjust stock at the time of Allocate Location: It allows you to adjust the stock real-time at the time of allocating the location to a particular product.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Partial Refund: The system now allows partial refund of an order. Refunds can be processed for shipping charges as well.
  2. Order status after processing Return: The order header status update has been fixed after partially or completely processing the returns.

  3. Bundle pricing: The calculation of bundle pricing has been changed to include the component's price.