Welcome to the MAY 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Forward Order: This release introduces the working model of forward orders. In forward orders, your customers are placing orders for items you don’t yet have in stock. You want to know the total of items ordered (but not yet shipped) so that you can be sure that you have ordered enough from your suppliers by creating POs(Purchase Orders).
  2. Microsites: This release brings to you a new interface where microsites are listed. You can click on the specific microsite and go to view and update the detail of it. 
  3. Custom Attributes: For better user experience the design has been re-worked upon which now gives a much cleaner and meaningful look to the page.
  4. Email template: Email templates have been optimized and to make them mobile-friendly.
  5. Related Products: Gift with products & basket group products are now handled on the frontend(website).
  6. Site Access: Configuration has been added to allow access of the site to all or only registered users.
  7. Multi category Support: A product can be assigned with multiple categories for better catalog management and
  8. Brand detail: Brand detail has an improved drag & drop widget section for easy setup of the page.
  9. Credit Notes: A Separate listing page has been provided along with other functional changes for credit notes.

Changes & Improvement: E-Commerce

  1. Forward Order: In forward orders, your customers are placing orders for items you don’t yet have in stock. You want to know the total of items ordered (but not yet shipped), so that you can be sure that you have ordered enough from your suppliers by creating POs(Purchase Orders). You then (optionally) receive this inventory from your factory/supplier and want to allocate the inventory across the customer orders.

  2. Microsites
    You get a new interface where microsites are listed. By clicking on a specific microsite you can go to view and update the details of it. From the detail page you can now:
    • Manage Megamenu at microsite level
    • Set the microsite for Maintenance
    • Import country-specific pricelist
  3. Custom Attributes
    The custom attribute sets screen has been revamped to provide a much user-friendly display.

  4. Multi category Support: A product can be assigned to one or more categories now. This enhancement can be consumed in multiple ways by the business to improve catalog and search management.
  5. Alert Messages display
    When sales orders are created add/update operation of products sometimes fail due to multiple logical reasons. In order for you to understand why the operation failed proper alerts messages have been incorporated that tells you the exact reason for the failure.

  6. Site Access Configuration: With this new configuration in the platform you can restrict the visitors on your site. Totally depending upon the business need, you can configure anonymous users to browse and shop on your site or you can restrict to only registered users.
  7. Credit Notes: Credit notes have their own listing page now. Credit notes have been separated from the invoice database so that there stays no confusion.

  8. Related Products: Front-end implementation has been done to display the GWPs( Gift-with-purchase) and basket groups. This release also has few UI-related changes and an important change wherein products can be added by searching stock codes.

Changes & Improvement: OMS

  1. Picklist UI optimization: The picklist detail page has been changed to display the add-on products i.e personalization so that the picker and the packer can be sure they are picking/packing the right items.
  2. Log Exception: Log any exceptions from the carrier company and display the same in the order log. This will help business users to resolve the label generation  related issues by themselves.
  3. Forward order: Forward orders allow you to take the orders from the customers who are out of stock, group those products by the supplier, and create purchase orders for the respective supplier. This important change has been done in the OMS under the forward order section.
  4. Filter by Service: Display carrier service list along with the count of orders. Filter and sorting by service have also been provided.
  5.  Out of stock items in Picklist: This release contains a major change in the picklist area. The platform now clearly identifies the out-of-stock items for easy picking.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Marketplaces Bugs:  Fixes for syncing the data when the shipping address is changed in the Better OMS and then updated in Shopify, Woo Commerce. 
  2. Video link: YouTube videos are now handled for both complete URL as well as code.
  3. Search improvements: The bug has been fixed when while searching special characters (? /. - + &) threw an error on load more.
  4. Express checkout issue: In few typical cases, when the user is using PayPal express the shipping address was missing out on some elements. This has been fixed.
  5. Bundle products: The bug has been fixed wherein while removing bundle items from the shopping bag was causing issue.
  6. RMA-related bugs: The system was not allowing the creation of multiple RMAs against one order. This has been fixed in this release. If an RMA is still unprocessed 2nd item from the same order will accommodate in the open RMA.
  7. Fix Brand collection issue: The slug population bug has been fixed while creating a new brand collection.
  8. UI Improvement: Textual change and minor UI change has been done on multiple listing screens to provide more readability and better display.
  9. Image display fix: 
    1. Handling has been done wherein OMS stopped displaying the product images if image display # 1has been deleted from the PIM. 
    2. Another identified bug has been fixed wherein the Order detail's summary and shipping section were showing a broken image.
  10. Unwanted product attributes displayed: Unpublished product's attributes were showing up in the filter options. A check has been added in place to show attributes of only published products.
  11. Save settings bug: The process of saving the settings has been changed in a way that only requested settings are saved unlike earlier when entire settings were re-saved.
  12. Last Updated by value:  Last Updated by value wasn't getting saved in multiple places which have been fixed.
  13. Exchange Rate API: Exchange Rate API  Key has been updated as it was not reflecting the latest exchange rate in the pricelist
  14. Content snippet bug: The content snippet in the home page gets removed intermittently and requires cache clean to render it back. This identified bug has been fixed in this release. 
  15. Pagination fix: The bulk import listing page didn't allow to go to the 2nd page. This bug has been fixed.
  16. Duplicate slug: A fix has been deployed that checks for duplicate slugs in the site map and stops them from getting generated.D
  17. One time Only flag in the promo: Users were not able to apply an applicable promo if it has been applied once in the basket and the payment has failed. The 2nd attempt to make the payment excluded the discount given earlier.