Welcome to the JUNE 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like, some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Forward order: The forward order listing screen in the OMS has been further enhanced to review the grouped items and link them to the existing PO or clear them from the list if a PO already exists.
  2. Ability to edit an invoice: Occasionally, fields need modification to match the business requirements. Considering possibilities of such practical situations PO reference, payment narrative, shipping charge, address fields have been made editable for an invoice to be regenerated. 
  3. Shipping zone: A new setting has been added that allows you to define the shipping zone which later can be used to set up shipping methods.
  4. Low stock alert: An interface to define a low stock threshold has been added that automatically triggers an email to the configured contacts.
  5. Product collection export: The product collection dataset can now be exported in an excel format.
  6. Stock request:  A new feature has been added in the OMS wherein a location/store can request stocks. The request is reviewed and approved by the warehouse manager. The approved request creates a transfer request which is approved and sent to the destination.
  7. Stock transfers GRN: Further extension in the stock transfer has been done both on the web and the mobile version of the application that allows you to do the partial and complete GRN of stock transfers.

eCommerce Enhancements 

  1. Content block grouping: Content blocks can be grouped together to move to a specific folder for better visibility and search. There is a system-defined folder added in case user-defined folders don't exist for the blocks to go into.
  2. Friction-less checkout: With this implementation, you can allow your customers to add membership in their basket without a need to login first.

  3. Feed: Feed web job timer frequency changed from every 24 hours to every 3 hours. This will generate the feed every 3 hours.

  4. File as an attachment: A configuration has been added if you want to send the invoice as an attachment in the order confirmation email.

  5. 'New in' auto entry: The newly published products will now automatically get updated under the strategic key "New Launch".

  6. Extended Invoice Feature: PO reference, payment narrative, shipping charge, address field have been made editable. Invoice can be regenerated after making the changes.

  7. Shipping Zone: A new interface has been added to list down all the shipping zones within the organization and from where new zone can be added and updated. Zones can be consumed while creating shipping methods.

OMS Enhancements

  1. Marketplace Integration enhancement: Updated channel product log and mapping to show the first and the last sync between the channel and the OMS.

  2. Personalization on pick screen: Add-on products/personalized text has now been displayed in the pick screen. This gives better visibility of an order to the pickers.

  3. Forward orders:  With this enhancement, the forward order listing screen has got a new view to review the grouped items and link them to the existing PO or clear them from the list if a PO already exists.

  4. Sync information: The product and the order data regularly get synced with the marketplace. With this change, you can now see the value of the first and the last sync.

  5. Custom's paperwork: For outside the original country delivery, custom paperwork is required. With this new implementation, this document can be printed which can be sent along with the parcel for international shipping.

  6. QZ tray integration: This implementation allows you to configure printers like (zebra ) for automated printing of documents like barcodes, invoices, labels, etc. You just need to configure your printer from the settings screen. Further details on how to set a printer can be found in a separate article.

  7. Configurable document generation process: With these new settings, you can configure the documents you want to print.

Other changes / bug fixes 


  1. Merchandising config: A validation has been added while setting up the configuration so that duplicate entries can be stopped.

  2. Duplicate product display: The collection display has been optimized to display a single occurrence of a product if multiple variants of the same product have been added as a part of the collection.

  3. Adding a new variant product: While adding a new variant of an existing product, the page refresh is no longer required in order for it to be displayed.

  4. OMS order listing display: The order listing page has been optimized to load faster than before.

  5. Exception orders handling: The duplicate display of orders when an exception was resolved has been rectified.

  6. Filters on the adjust screen: In the OMS inventory adjustment screen, a new field to search by stock code has been added along with optimized search results on other filters.

  7. Mega Menu: In the process of creating a navigation block for the main menu the display problem of the items has been fixed.