Welcome to the October 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version that we hope you will like. Some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Email Notification: A notification system has been put in place to add multiple business scenarios under which an email notification requires to be triggered.  
  2. Repost to OMS: There can be scenarios when an order is not pushed automatically to the OMS from the Commerce Hub platform. With this release a provision has been added to repost the order to the OMS with a single click.

eCommerce Enhancements 

  1. Subscription-Generate Fulfillment Retry, and Alert Configuration: When subscription job fails in morning, this retry process will automatically replay the fulfillment order creation function and this will be retried for 3 times. When the subscription web job fails to create fulfillment orders, system sends out an alert email to the configured users.

  2. Repost Order to OMS: There can be situations wherein an order has not triggered to the Order Management System. For such instances the Commerce Hub order detail comes up with a new action button ‘Repost to OMS’. This action validates the order and reposts it to the OMS making it easier for the order fulfillment team to proceed with the order.

  3. Return Changes: The return line can be accepted or rejected while reviewing an RMA request. With the new change in this release, the platform will only refund the amount for the accepted return lines and disregard the rejected lines.

  4. Email Template Detail Screen UI: The detail screen to set up email template has been improvised to easily manage the localized text.

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OMS Enhancements 

  1. Gift Note On Orders: WooCommerce orders can come along with a gift note. This information is captured and displayed with the orders in the OMS so that the picker/packer doesn’t miss out on this while fulfilling the order.

  2. Notify Destination About Initiated Transfer: When a transfer request is fulfilled by the source, the status of the transfer is updated to SentToDestination. On updating to this status-an email will now be triggered to the destination.

  3. Display Product Name On StockRequest Approval Screen: The stock request approval screen now shows the name of the product along with the stock code for better visibility. 

Other changes / bug fixes

  1. Inventory Log: The inventory log now captures few more information to give more clarity on stock movements. The returns and the transfers are logged very explicitly giving you a very fine view of the stock positions.

  2. Stock Adjust Screen Change: Earlier when a style was accidentally tried to be adjusted there wasn't a way to set it back to 0. This limitation has been removed to allow you to set it back to 0.

  3. Attachment Files: You can now easily view and download attachments in the order and the supplier detail page.

  4. Content snippet listing: The CH content snippet intermittently caused problem in loading. This has been addressed with this release and the list displays just fine.

  5. Role management: The system defined roles had missing permission from the backend causing them not to behave as expected. Based on business requirement the permissions have been enhanced to have a clear distinction and work as expected. 

  6. Refund Issue in resolving exception: In some exceptional cases where the payment gateway options were not displaying while processing a refund has been fixed with this release.

  7. Promotion detail UI: Defining dataset in a promotion is now more user friendly with this UI change. The date picker has also been enhanced for easy selection of date & time while defining a promotion validity.