Welcome to the November 2021 release of Better Commerce. There are several updates in this version. In addition, the primary focus was given on changes related to Black Friday. Some of the key highlights include: 


  1. Black Friday: Black Friday is the most crucial time for any business. This month's release primarily revolved around the support and the changes required to support successful closure of the black Friday week. To list few about the activities performed:
    1. Readiness Preparation
    2. Monitoring & Optimization
    3. Small enhancements across the platform
    4. Multiple front end releases as and when required
  2. User-warehouse Mapping: The system now provides the feature to map a user with warehouse(s) so that the user is limited to access only the mapped warehouse(s) 
  3. New System Role: Store Manager- A new system role has been defined so that the store can access all the features limited to its own store. 

Changes & Improvement: OMS

  1. Packing Screen: Provision has been added in the pack screen to ship without tracking Id.

  2. Update order address: Orders in the OMS come from the channels which already contains an address however if an address needs to be changed, there wasn’t any provision for it. This release gives user the flexibility to update the address of an order from the OMS’s order detail screen.

  3. User Warehouse Mapping : The system now provides the feature to map a user with warehouse(s) so that the user is limited to access only the mapped warehouse(s)

  4. Put away for Returns: Its important to have a list of all the returns with their proposed bins so that proper put away can be done. This implementation has been done in this release.

  5. RMA process in the OMS: The RMA can also be now created from the OMS.

Notable Bug fixes

  1. Shipping Rule: Saving a shipping rule had a tiny problem while selecting an option form the dropdown. This release addresses this bug. 

  2. Inventory Pool: The add form of inventory pool screen has been optimized to allow users to add a new pool and link it to delivery centers instantly.

  3. Backorder Listing screen: A minor UI glitch in the backorder listing screen has been fixed so that it gives much clearer view of the order lines and the invoice.

  4. Breadcrumbs Issue: The redundant view of breadcrumbs has now been sorted.

  5. Membership saving issue: The form validation and save issue in the membership screen have been addressed and now user can create and update a membership without any problem.

  6. Mega Menu: The header and footer tabbed view while setting up mega menus have been sorted in this release. In addition , the UI of the content type of navigation block has also been worked upon for a better look.