This document covers how to establish relationship like variants or bundles among products already imported in the system. The standard template provides the following columns to be uploaded in excel / csv format

This is the master or parent stock code which is at top of the hierarchy in the relationship tree.
This is the child stock code that will be related to the parent or master stock code as a variant or component of a bundle depending upon the relationship type.
This field takes only two values 'variant' or 'Bundle' depending upon what type of relationship you wish to establish among products.
ChildQtyIntegerYesThis takes quantity of the child as input. For example Product A which is a bundle  made out of component 1 -product B- 1 unit and component 2-product C-2 units.

Steps to bulk upload product file:

  1. Go to Products > Bulk Import 

  2. Select the type  Upload Product Relationship.( In order to upload/establish the relationship(variants or bundles) you must have the standard products imported beforehand.)

  3. Download the sample file from this screen.
  4. Prepare the file for import. Fields descriptions can be found above.

  5. Drag and drop or choose the file from your local computer to import and click on Next.
  6. Map the data fields of the system against the excel file columns and click on Next.
  7. Preview your data to verify. Once verified, click on Next.
  8. The import must start processing and completed successfully shortly.