Better OMS provides a rich set of predefined(inbuilt) industry standard reports which gives you insights on multiple areas around your order and warehouse activities. Lets look at those reports in brief.

Order Reports:

  1. Orders in Exception: This report picks specific orders from the system. Orders that are posted to the OMS however, due to unavailability of inventory or any other technical reasons, couldn't proceed normally for fulfilment. Such orders are flagged as In Exception which requires manual intervention to resolve them.

Inventory Reports:

  1. Monthly stock valuation summary: This report displays valuation of stock codes for all the warehouses. The key elements are landing, factory cost and RRP.

  2. Stock adjustment summary: This report displays the stock information of only those products which have been adjusted from the system to match the physical count. Adjustments are normally done to keep the system's count of inventory and physicals space in sync. The discrepancies can occur because of multiple reasons like, incorrect counting, damage, loss, theft etc.

  3. Damaged inventory by supplier: This report displays the stock information which has been marked as Damaged while doing a GRN against a particular PO & a supplier. Such reports helps you track which supplier has been sending the most damaged products eventually costing the company.

  4. Monthly stock valuation summary by warehouse: This report displays cumulative stock valuation for all the warehouses. The key elements are landing, factory cost and RRP.

  5. Stock transfer by category: This report displays the stock transferred to a particular store which can be filtered by category.

Purchase Reports:

  1. PO progress: This report can be used to see the open purchase orders , their count of products and the value of the entire PO in one place.

  2. GRN detail: This report can be used to have an overview of the count of the POs in a particular date range, ordered quantity and received quantity along with the value of the purchase orders.

  3. GRN monthly summary: This report comes handy for the purchase team who wish to see monthly receiving quantity and their value.

  4. GRN YOY(3 years): This report can be used by purchase management team to compare, evaluate and analyze their receiving pattern of current and previous 2 years. The report consists of the current year received products value and previous 2 years.