Key Highlights

  1. Effortlessly sort and showcase products in Product Lister Pages: We are thrilled to introduce a new feature that allows businesses to effortlessly arrange their product collections using display order numbers. With this functionality, you can easily organize your products in a visually appealing and well-structured manner, all without the need for time-consuming manual efforts.
  2. Enriched Product Detail Page (PDP) with Image Collection Custom Attribute: We are excited to introduce a new custom attribute option called "image collection" to enhance the Product Detail Page (PDP) with enriched content. This addition allows us to store and manage collections of images, providing a visually appealing and informative PDP for our users.

Commerce Hub

  1. Strengthening Fraud Prevention with Mobile Number Verification: We are pleased to introduce an advanced fraud detection feature that leverages mobile number verification to provide an additional layer of security. This new capability allows us to thoroughly verify orders, ensuring that only legitimate transactions proceed to the warehouse.
  2. Effortlessly sort and showcase products in Product Lister Pages: With the ability to utilize display order numbers in an Excel file, you can easily arrange your product collections without extensive manual efforts. This feature empowers you to maintain a visually appealing and well-organized product display, freeing up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your store's success.


  1. Introducing "Image Collection" Custom Attribute: To enhance the Product Detail Page (PDP) with enriched content such as banners, videos, and images, we need to introduce a new custom attribute option called "image collection." This new attribute type will allow us to store and manage collections of images, as image collections do not have a specific identifier like a slug that can be accommodated in a text box type custom attribute. By adding the "image collection" custom attribute option, we can efficiently handle and display multiple images associated with a product, providing a more visually appealing and informative PDP for our users.
  2. Category Tree Upload via CSV Box: We have implemented a convenient and efficient method to upload category trees using CSV Box. This feature enables users to create or update category hierarchies by importing a CSV file. By leveraging the CSV Box functionality, managing category structures becomes more streamlined and scalable.
  3. Streamlined Import Process: The import process has been optimized by leveraging the capabilities of csvbox and API. This enhancement significantly improves the efficiency and performance of data imports, allowing for smoother and faster operations.
  4. Ignored Category Creation in Bulk Import: In the bulk import product process, category creation is now ignored. This prevents unintended duplication of categories, ensuring a cleaner and more organized category structure within the system.
  5. Enhanced Category Import Process: The category import process has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in a more efficient and reliable management of category hierarchies. These improvements ensure a clean and well-structured category hierarchy while maintaining data consistency and integrity.
  6. Batch Processing Time Reduction: The batch processing time has been significantly reduced to less than 1 minute, resulting in faster and more efficient data processing. However, occasional delays of up to 2 minutes may occur due to a SQL job that runs every 1 minute. This improvement enhances overall system performance and reduces processing bottlenecks.


OMS Product Import Enhancement: To ensure proper usage of the Order Management System (OMS), a check has been implemented to prevent product imports if the OMS functionality is not enabled for the organization. This enhancement prevents data discrepancies and ensures seamless integration with the OMS.

New Inventory List View: We have enhanced the inventory list view by introducing two new columns: Cost Price and Sell Price. These additions provide users with crucial pricing information directly within the inventory list, facilitating better financial analysis and inventory management.


This release include improvements to our Delivery API, aimed at providing more flexibility and functionality for managing and delivering content. improved SEO capabilities, and efficient retrieval of published content. By empowering administrators and developers with these features, we aim to enhance the performance, visibility, and usability of our content delivery system.

  1. Configurable Page Cache Time: We have introduced the ability to configure the page cache time. This empowers administrators to customize the cache duration according to their specific requirements, optimizing performance and response times.
  2. Meta Keywords in CMS PagesCMS pages can now include meta keywords. Administrators can easily add relevant keywords to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and improve discoverability of the content.
  3. Canonical URLs in CMS Pages: To improve SEO and avoid duplicate content issues, we have added support for specifying canonical URLs in CMS pages. This helps search engines understand the preferred version of the page and consolidates page authority for better search rankings.
  4. Published Pages Endpoint: We have introduced a new endpoint that allows retrieving only published pages. This enables developers to retrieve and display up-to-date content that has been approved for publishing, enhancing the user experience and content accuracy. Used so often in creating website content, blogs, etc
  5. Minimal Model for Published Pages: To optimize data retrieval and minimize bandwidth usage, we have implemented a minimal model for the published pages get endpoint. This lightweight model includes essential information about published pages, providing efficient access to necessary details without unnecessary overhead.

Notable bug fixes 

We are pleased to announce the resolution of several important bug fixes in this release. These notable bug fixes contribute to an improved user experience, ensuring accurate data representation, smoother operations, and enhanced fraud prevention capabilities. We appreciate your patience, and we are committed to delivering a reliable and bug-free platform for your business needs.

  1. Updating Color at Variants Level: The issue where updating the color at the variants level did not reflect under the variation section has been resolved. Now, changes made to the color will be accurately displayed in the variation section, ensuring consistent and updated information.
  2. Product Bulk Upload Issues: Various issues related to product bulk upload have been identified and resolved in this release. The following specific problems have been addressed:
    1. Dimension and attribute set not uploading: The bug causing dimension and attribute set data to not upload properly during bulk product uploads has been fixed. Now, these details will be successfully uploaded along with the product information.
    2. Brands name getting duplicated: The issue of brand names being duplicated during bulk product uploads has been resolved. Now, brand names will be correctly handled, ensuring accurate and non-duplicated data.
  3. Unable to Add Fraud Rule for a Customer: The bug preventing the addition of a fraud rule for a customer has been fixed. You can now successfully add fraud rules to effectively mitigate fraudulent activities and protect your business.
  4. Incomplete Order Showing as Processing: The issue where incomplete orders were incorrectly displayed as "processing" under the "My Account" section has been resolved. Now, the order status will be accurately updated, providing a more accurate representation of order progress.