Key Highlights

  1. Scheduling Pages from CMS: We are pleased to inform you that in this release, we have addressed the issue related to scheduling pages from the CMS. The bug preventing the scheduling functionality has been resolved, allowing you to easily schedule pages for future publication. efforts.
  2. Unleash the power to tailor variant details at every size: We are delighted to bring you an exciting new feature designed to empower businesses like yours. With our latest update, you now have the ability to effortlessly modify product variant information at the size level. Imagine the possibilities! You can now tailor specific details for every size variant in your product catalog. Whether it's adjusting the basic information to highlight distinguishing features, crafting compelling descriptions that resonate with your customers, or fine-tuning product identifiers for seamless tracking, our feature puts you in full control.

Commerce Hub

  1. Firebase App Push Notification: A new push notification feature has been implemented for mobile apps using Firebase. With this enhancement, you can send push notifications to your mobile app users, enabling effective communication and engagement.

  2. Webhook Variables Display: The variables used in webhooks are now displayed in the Webhook user interface. This improvement enhances the visibility and understanding of webhook configurations, facilitating seamless integration with external systems.

  3. Webhook Configuration: Additional events, such as Orders Dispatched and Order Delivered, have been added to the webhook configuration requirements. This allows you to receive real-time notifications for these specific events, enabling better order and fulfillment management.

  4. Predefined Views in Return Listing Screen: To enhance the return management process, we have implemented predefined views in the return listing screen. These predefined views provide quick access to commonly used filters and sorting options, improving efficiency and productivity.

  5. Extended Return API for RMA Information: The Return API has been extended to allow retrieval of return information based on the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This enhancement enables seamless integration with Increff and facilitates the exchange of RMA status information.
  6. New Action Button for Approving an RMA: When approving an exchange request, a new option to approve and create a replacement has been added. This streamlines the approval process and simplifies the creation of replacement orders.

  7. Additional features added in RMA
    1. Automated RMA Creation: To streamline the handling of return orders, the system now automatically creates an RMA when the status of an order is changed to "RTO Received." This automation eliminates the need for manual RMA creation, saving time and ensuring a seamless return process.
    2. Shipping Refund Selection at RMA Level: When processing refunds for an RMA, you now have the ability to select the shipping method for the refund. This feature provides greater flexibility in handling shipping-related refunds, allowing you to choose the most appropriate refund method based on your specific requirements. This enhances the overall refund process and improves customer satisfaction.


  1. Channels EnhancementWe have introduced several enhancements related to channels, offering improved functionality and flexibility for managing your products across various channels. The following enhancements have been implemented:
    1. Product Editor Detail View: The product editor detail view now includes channel-level information, providing you with comprehensive insights into how products are configured and displayed on each channel. This enhanced view helps you understand and optimize product representation for different channels, ensuring consistent and effective product management.
    2. Bulk Upload Channel Product Updates Into PIM: For manual channels, we have introduced the capability to perform bulk uploads of channel product updates directly into the Product Information Management (PIM) system. This streamlines the process of updating product information for manual channels, saving you time and effort.
    3. Product Filtering in Listing Screen: We have added the ability to filter products in the listing screen, making it easier to locate specific products based on various criteria. This filtering functionality improves the efficiency of product management by allowing you to quickly access and modify the desired products.
    4. Multi-Category Mapping & Category Tree View: Enhancements have been made to the category mapping feature, enabling multi-category mapping and providing a category tree view for easy navigation and organization. This enhancement simplifies the process of mapping products to multiple categories, ensuring accurate categorization and streamlined management.
    5. Generated List Uploaded in Blob: The generated list, such as reports or exports, can now be uploaded directly into the blob storage. This enhancement facilitates efficient storage and retrieval of generated lists, improving data accessibility and management.
    6. Channel Category Level Completeness Attributes: To gauge the completeness of product information at the channel category level, we have introduced completeness attributes. These attributes provide insights into the completeness of product data for each channel category, enabling you to identify and address any gaps in product information.
  2. Custom Attributes in Wishlist : This enhancement allows you to access and consume custom attribute data associated with wishlist items, providing you with additional flexibility and customization options. By extending the Wishlist API to include custom attributes in its response, we provide you with increased flexibility and customization options. You can now leverage custom attribute data to enhance personalization, integrate with external systems, and adapt the wishlist feature to meet your specific business needs.

Notable bug fixes 

We are pleased to announce the resolution of several important bugs in this release. The following issues have been identified and addressed:

  1. Validation Alert for Attribute Set Change: A validation alert has been added to the product editor in the Product Information Management (PIM) system. This alert ensures that the attribute set is changed appropriately, preventing any unintended errors or data inconsistencies.
  2. Display Order in API Response: The API has been updated to include the display order information for related products. This enhancement allows for more accurate and customizable sorting of related products in your applications.
  3. Responsive Order Search with Phone Number: The issue causing the page to become unresponsive when searching orders using a phone number instead of the order number has been fixed. Now, you can search for orders using phone numbers without any performance issues.
  4. Webhook Visibility Issue: The bug that prevented the visibility of created webhooks has been resolved. You can now view and manage your webhooks as intended.
  5. SEO Keywords Save Issue: The reported issue related to saving SEO keywords has been fixed. You can now save SEO keywords without any issues or data loss.
  6. Brand Duplicity Issue: The issue of brands being duplicated with every batch of product upload has been fixed. Brand data will now be handled correctly during bulk uploads, avoiding duplications.
  7. Attribute Group Mapping in Attribute Set Detail Page: The bug preventing the search of all attributes during attribute group mapping in the attribute set detail page has been fixed. You can now easily search and map attributes as needed.

These notable bug fixes contribute to a more stable and reliable system, ensuring smoother operations, accurate data management, and improved user experience. We appreciate your patience, and we remain committed to delivering a robust and bug-free platform for your business needs.